Dashboard API: set CORS header in responses

Currently dashboard API responses don’t have the Access-Control-Allow-Origin (CORS) header. This means I can’t use the API in a web app.

Suggestion: add an option to enable / disable the CORS header in dashboard API responses

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any update? for this problem ?

Hello @diciwall,
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We have a permissive CORS policy, so nothing to fix, it just works.
But if you want to limit it, you need to run your own server where you will set a custom restrictive CORS policy for your assets.

Or do you mean a storagenode’s API? In that case you need to setup a reverse proxy where you will set any CORS policy, add authentication and attach an SSL.
However, it’s not advisable to publish your private information to the internet without any protection (and CORS policy is not an authentication), I would suggest to use this approach instead: How to remote access the web dashboard - Storj Docs
Depending on your use case you may also use

If you can write a code, you may also use an API key to contact your node on a listening port (not a dashboard’s port) using dRPC, see storj/storagenode/multinode at main · storj/storj · GitHub