Dashboard says offline but the node is working and ports are open

Hello everyone,

I started running a storj node for almost a month now, last night I lost power for about 2 minutes and when I came back online, the dashboard shows my node as offline and misconfigured, I was guessing it was a problem with the ports on the modem so i went ahead and configured the ports again in the modem but that didn’t do the trick and i did make sure that noip is open and working.

It’s my first time having issues with the node so i am not sure what else to try, the node is running in the background.

Have you checked the logs for errors?

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Did you just check for an open-port-setting on your router: or did you use a tool to check if your node can be reached?


Hello @David-B,
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Running != online. Your node can be not reachable for the satellites, you need to check your port on a yougetsignal port checker as suggested by @Roxor or even just open your node’s address with port in your browser from your smartphone via Mobile internet, it should return the status, like http://your-external-address:28967.

I forgot to mention but yes, i did make sure they are reachable and are open with that tool, also when i follow alexey’s advice, this is what i get


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Since it has a failed helthcheck in the output, your node has some errors in your logs.
How did you open a dashboard? like http://localhost:14002 or from the another device?
If the latter, please use this method instead: How to remote access the web dashboard - Storj Docs or use [Tech Preview] Multinode Dashboard Binaries.

If you want to check your dashboard within the local network, you may uncomment and change your console.address parameter in the config.yaml file:

# server address of the api gateway and frontend app (default "")
console.address: :14002

save the config and restart the node.
But please do not publish your dashboard to the internet without protection, your private data will become available to everyone, use any of the two methods described above instead.

I open the dashboard using the first method, do i still have to proceed with the instructions? and no, i do not open the dashboard from any other device.

Does it shows data correctly? Did you try to hard refresh the page with the dashboard?
Also, these two methods are used for accessing your dashboard remotely. If you open it on the same PC locally, they both not needed, it should work on http://localhost:14002 by default.

Please also check your logs for FATAL errors (PowerShell):

sls FATAL "c:\Program Files\Storj\Storage Node\storagenode.log" | select -last 10