DEC. 4, 2019: All monthly payouts for November have been completed

V2 and V3

November payouts for V2 and V3 are now complete. If you have feedback or questions contact
  • One payout as been sent per satellite to each payout address, regardless of how many nodes a SNO has associated with a single payout address.
  • Each payout address may potentially receive a maximum of 4 payouts for V3 (plus 1 if they also ran a V2 node on the same address)
  • Held amounts are still kept track of per node of course.
  • This month includes surge payouts for V3. For more details on this, see the post “November Payments & Surge Payouts update”

Can you guys update please?

Hi @utdrmac I pinged devops to look into the cert. thanks for the headsup!

This is for V2 anyway

@utdrmac Devops fixed the certificate issue. and they said thanks for letting us know :slight_smile:

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