December 7, 2023, November payouts complete

Hello! Payouts for the completed month of November are done.

First off, hopefully you have seen our announcement regarding payout rates taking effect December 1st . You should go read this if you haven’t, especially as it generated a lot of (very valuable) discussion. These new rates are being entered into the Satellites as we speak.

Since these changes take effect December 1st, that means that the just completed payout is the last one using the $6/TB egress rates. Next round of payouts (in January, for December) will use these new $2/TB egress rates.

Transaction fees were high this month. For layer 1 payments, we paid 707 unique wallet addresses. There is no specific minimum payment threshold but it appears that for standard payouts, the pipeline was able to pay out for people who earned $19.44 or more.

For zkSync Legacy/Lite payments, we paid 881 unique wallet addresses. Thanks to everyone who helped us keep fees low by adopting zkSync! As a reminder, in September, we announced that zkSync Era and Legacy adopters now receive a 3% bonus.

This payout cycle was our third payout cycle using zkSync Era. Hooray! We had 83 unique wallet addresses receive transactions over zkSync Era. Thank you for volunteering to help us try this new technology! Like zkSync Legacy/Lite, zkSync Era adopters received a 3% bonus.

Note that zkSync payments of both kinds are now also subject to a minimum payout threshold. The pipeline paid any zkSync transaction of $1.21 or more.

Some feedback we received is that zkSync Era would benefit from the ability to pay fees in STORJ tokens. This is possible via a “paymaster” and we are evaluating some exciting options hopefully we can share more about soon. We have been very busy with other projects and haven’t moved the ball forward on this yet, despite great help from some vendors. We will work to sort out a solution here before sunsetting zkSync Legacy/Lite.

Either way, if you were one of the zkSync Era adopters this payout cycle, please share an update with how your experience was!

If you want to specify willingness to use zkSync Era in advance of us sorting out zkSync Era “paymasters”, you can do so in a similar fashion to zkSync Lite/Legacy by modifying your wallet features configuration. The wallet features value is an ordered list and can include multiple values. Here is how you would specify preferring zkSync Era to zkSync Lite/Legacy, and zkSync Lite/Legacy to layer 1 in your config file:

operator.wallet-features: ["zksync-era", "zksync"]

And here is how you would specify it on the command line:


Across all layers, we paid 1,660 unique addresses. As always, if you have more questions, please make sure you’ve read through our mega FAQ .

The new policies for bonuses to Ukrainian node operators announced in October are still in place.


transaction price just rised so much, Zksync has same problem, price to Export L2 to L1 around 20$ or more.

1660 wallets is a very interestingly low number compared to the thousands of nodes reported on the network.
Clearly lots of people like running more than just the one node :slight_smile:


Wasn’t there a guy in this forum with like 600 nodes? I just remember 500 of them being parked for vetting. Sounded like an impressive setup!

I’m a sucker for homelab stuff: I’d love to config something like that too. But I’m poor. And have no room. And little power. Bah, a man can dream!

its quite high fees this month , you know…!

Got my 16.94$ on era :partying_face:

At least easy (but not cheap atm.) bridgeing to L1 is possible now via txbridge

My feedback is paying fees in STORJ token is CRUCIAL for ZKsync ERA to work for me.
Couldnt do anything with my payouts from 3 months because of that so i have my STORJ practically frozeen on Era since.

Edit: cant imagine how it was possible to start it without securig this option, when so many ppl hopped on this like me. We trusted You, that it will have this fucntionality by default,. as @bre was assuming that would be the case, but he didnt said for sure, but i understand, its common sense he would expect that, just liek rest of us probbaly.

You don’t have to dream. I have 25 nodes for 110TB but the hardware costs are not very important compared to the profit you would then have. It’s just a small initial investment and then everything comes by itself. Obviously if you buy everything in one go you’re right it’s expensive but if you start little at a time and if you ever pay for the new hardware with part of your storj earnings, you’ll feel like you spent nothing. I’ve done this for the last 4 years.


Yes that will be optimal.
The team is working on it.
I was told there were some issues being worked out.


Are they on the same IP?

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No, I have 10 different public IPs in 10 different subnets /24. Otherwise it would not be optimal and not profitable. The nodes are scattered across Italy among family and friends. :wink:

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Hi I have a question about payouts as a relatively new operator (about 7-8 months only).

I noticed that my “NET TOTAL” was $4.77 and the total held back was only $1.59. My total held back (to the end of the month) was ~12.05.

Now that everything is rolled over, my total held amount is only $13.63 (reflected $1.59 held back from November). I understand that even if I got the $4.77, I wouldn’t be over the $20 threshold for payout, but where is the $4.77 reflected? How do I track the real amount of $$ I am owed?

Thanks in advance!

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Dashboard, Payout information, Undistributed payout:
Here it is. At least after some time, that the satelite needs.

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Thanks! So then, what is the relation between “Undistributed payout” and “total held”? Or is there a doc that I can read through that explains these in detail?

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You may read here about the held amount:

I did not get my payout for November! What info do you need to check that?

If your payout below this, then you get your payout when it will be over month threshold.
you can watch it how much it should be on your node dashboard payout section

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You mean this:?

yes, this one, so you now that next month you will get payd for this month and for next month, in case that your payout will be over next month minimum.

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I haven’t received my November payment. What can be the reason for that?