Deleted this month graph on webdash

for proper monitoring of a storagenode, deleted data becomes a big factor long term…

if we say we have 5% deleted data pr month, and a monthly ingress of 2TB.
then the node will be unable to ever get past 40TB, because the 5% (2TB) deleted data is then equal to the monthly 2TB ingress.

10TB data stored = 500 GB monthly deletions
20TB data stored = 1 TB monthly deletions
30TB data stored = 1.5 TB monthly deletions
40 TB data stored = 2 TB monthly deletions

so at 2TB ingress avg a month which seems the normal or close at the moment
then at 5% deletions a storagenode could not pass 40TB

thus monthly deletions are critical information for SNO’s and for their future planning and thus should be displayed on the dashboard…

i would suggest a graph like bandwidth used this month… or maybe combined with the bandwidth used this month, so you have two different color graphs that overlap and then becomes another color so that one can see multiple graphs in one…

my suggestion is a simple one… “deleted this month” as a graph on the dashboard

i’ve chosen not to put this in the vote category so that the concept has a chance to be refined by the hive mind that is the forum… but i think it’s an important feature that will simplify life for all SNO’s

when the idea is sufficiently refined and people have given their views, i suggest to move this to the voting part…

Thanks in advance and for sticking through my rants and reasons …


Nice suggestion!
If you move it to the SNO Feature request - voting category we can vote for this as well.

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wasn’t sure if it was a good idea going directly to the voting catagory… it seems many good suggestions fall short of getting enough votes, so i wanted to let it stew a bit before going to the vote.

get a bit of traction and talk about the idea before voting so it can cascade a bit…

I think it’s a great idea too. I actually thought several times myself that it was missing from the dashboard as it wasn’t clear why the node wasn’t continuing filling up some days.

Now that the space used by the trash is shown, it’s better, but for the sake of clarity and transparency, showing deletions as a graph would be a nice improvement.

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I came here wondering about deletions too. There’s an enormous amount of unpaid incoming data but it never amounts to much paid storage or egress. After two months I still have crazy inbound rates (120GB/day recently) and virtually nothing that pays.

I like this idea so just create a ticked and included to SNO Growth team backlog. I can’t promise that we can deliver it fast because of bunch of other things in our roadmap but I do agree that it can be a pretty useful feature to have for our SNOs


yeah i understand that it’s not really a “critical” feature… just a very useful one… i’m sure everybody will understand that other stuff comes first…


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