Did the payout start for August?

Did the payout start for August ? What is the payout limit this month ?

Doesn’t look like payouts have started yet. There is no longer a single limit, it depends on transaction costs when the transaction takes place, which unfortunately is kind of volatile at the moment.

Currently you’d likely need around $100 to get paid.

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Oh shit. What a damn high fee. It seems so I better stake my money in a blockchain with low gas fees

At the current price of storj I don’t even need to get paid lol. let’s hope it drops till next month.


it always goes up exactly before payment didn’t you saw the pattern till now ? i wonder why :slight_smile:

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@BrightSilence this is my last post regarding other payout solutions I promise.Maybe Storj shall have a look at WRAP. With this the Storj Token are kept. But you can Transfer it via Tezos with very low gas fee

“That which can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence”

You don’t have to promise me anything. :wink: But I do believe this has been suggested before and was met will little enthusiasm. I think in general they are really looking for a solution that doesn’t involve developing for a different blockchain, even if it does keep the same token.

@BrightSilence The bender guys told on Telegram chat Storj already talked to Bender Labs. Maybe one day this will be a solution

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No. Storj is closed today. I would expect the payout train to start tomorrow afternoon (UTC time). We will need a few hours to run the calcualtion and prepare everything. So we might or might not see the first transactions hitting the blockchain tomorrow.

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Why Storj closed at monday?

Labor Day. (and now I need to fill it to get at least 20 chars)

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gas price is insane today :))))


Wow. I wonder how many nodes will get paid with such Gas prices.

And here we are again: Update on August 2020 Payouts - #9 by jammerdan


If that amount was the base then I doubt any single L1 transaction would be paid.
Hopefully the processing already started before it got that high so the whales will still get their tokens.

I got paid a few hours ago. Transaction costs were about $18. So it seems at least some of us will see payouts this month. I may have gotten lucky though.

Looks like they started paying after the significant value drop today too, so more Storj for everyone! I appreciate that.

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I guess we can say stability is a hard fail on the London fork too then - at least for the short term.

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This always happens primarily when there are NFT drops / mints. Yesterday it was 777, but that’s what’s driving it. Also opensea / and some other platforms are driving crazy transaction volume. But the spikes come from anticipated NFT drops.

Certainly a different approach not to celebrate it on May 1.

Please note that Labor Day is an official US holiday, while May 1 is not. Storj Labs Inc. is a US headquartered company, and the team observes official US holidays. Thanks for your understanding.