Different IPv4, same subnet - for sure?

This topic has already been raised at least once in the forum but I feel the need to ask about this topic again. Let this post be also a place where you can find one simple answer to this question.

Let’s assume the following situation:
Me and my friend who wants to become SNO live in two buildings next to each other. We both use the services of the same internet provider.

My IP address is 94.XX.125.78
A friend’s IP address: 94.XX.125.79
XX is the same in both addresses

If we both run Storj nodes will they share traffic or not? Can a given piece of the file appear simultaneously on both nodes or only on one?

If nodes share traffic, it means that if many people start them in a given location, each of them will have very little traffic. It also means that large areas (e.g. country) will actually be divided into several large segments due to several large suppliers who have many thousands of clients in the same subnet (IP range (?))

Those are in the same /24 subnet so you and your friend will not get the same pieces, effectively each of you will get half the traffic relative to someone operating a node with no one else in their same /24 subnet.

For yours and anyone elses quick reference, a /24 subnet consists of the entire range in the 4th octect of an address. In your case a /24 subnet ranges from 94.XX.125.0 - 94.XX.125.255.


It’s not that bad though. Each /24 subnet consists of 256 addresses, of which 253 are used for clients of that ISP (256 - network - gateway - broadcast address). If you have a dynamic address it might be enough to reboot your router in order to get a different address and maybe one from a different subnet.

If you wanna beat your friend, set up a second node and you will get 2/3 of traffic and he only 1/3 :wink:

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