Difficulty increase

I read in the new v it is dif increase, when i generated my i got 30. Why it become 30? Better cpu=higher dif? How does it work? :thinking:

Can i make a new key/node with like 40-50?

You can specify the minimum target difficulty using the ‘–difficulty’ option …

For difficulty 40 and if using GNU/Linux:

./identity_linux_amd64 create --difficulty 40

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ohh i see. thanks :slight_smile:

So since i have 30 now i cant increase it. Ned new key? And high difficulty take longer time to generate?

You don’t need to replace your identity. The difficulty is increased for a new identity by default and required for unsigned identity.
Since you have a signed identity you don’t need to do anything.

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i know, just wonder how the difficulty/generate work :wink: so i ask many stupid things lol

Hi all! I have been running my node for just about a month now. Today I was reading the change log and it says that the new standard difficult will be 36. Is it possible for my to increase my difficulty of my already existing node, or would I have to start from scratch? Can I generated a new identity on my other computer than just swap it out??? Or does it not even matter that much about your difficulty. Thanks so much, Enzo.

It doesn’t matter at all if your identity is already signed. The limitation is only on whether you can get it signed or not. You cannot increase the difficulty of an existing identity, but luckily there is also absolutely no need to.