Discontinuation of the Storj Free Tier

I guess it‘s a kind of SEO strategy to spread these sentences to as many websites as possible….


why is the free tier legacy coupon still showing as active?

It will stay active until invoicing for March usage is complete. Otherwise we would not be able to give the free tier discount for this last time.

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  1. I did not receive notifications by email about the upcoming blocking of my account and the loss of all my data. But at the same time you constantly sedn advertising spam. However, you still didn’t bother to warn!
  2. I cannot pay for your service, since the commission for withdrawing funds from the exchange and for transfers on the Ether network costs much more than the cost of your service.
  3. Why haven’t alternative blockchains with low fees been added yet, such as Polygon (matic) or bnb?
  4. If I were you, in addition to C3 storage, I would provide this service to ordinary users as a competitor to Google Drive and introduce the possibility of payment through the Matic network with a low commission.
    But your company showed disrespect for users, and now I have to lose my data in your storage (good thing there are backups) or pay a ransom! By ransom, I mean the need to buy your tokens on the exchange, pay a withdrawal fee and pay you to get the (non-guaranteed) right to pick up my files! This is a fraud (hello 90th), as well as failed marketing.

Those guys dont listen.

Despite admitting their own mistakes at the latest town hall, now they are doing things “only for money”.

:- )

this is silly. with this approach they will not have money.

There is no need to do that at all. You can pay with visa/mastercard/invoice. That’s if you want constructive solution.


I think that you are not quite getting this topic right, @arrogantrabbit. In a sense that it should not be @KeyThe who should be looking for the solution as it was not him making / causing this problem.

Well, indeed it is silly, however, maybe not a fortune, but they will certainly have some money, albeit at the cost of losing face. Nevertheless, I think this whole discussion is gravitating in a direction that might be described as a waste of time, probably best to just leave it.

Let me spell this out.

  • a potential customer, was evaluating the service using free tier.
  • their evaluation was not too thorough, otherwise they would have known about terms and methods of payments. So it seems to me they were never going to become a customer.
  • the free cheese has ended and they are upset.
  • they may or may not have received an email but that’s pretty much irrelevant. If you are not paying — you are not a customer and cannot have any expectations.

Oracle (not a small company) operates the same way. They give you free resources to try the service that are lowest priority and can be suspended until you add a payment method and become a customer.

To reiterate — non-customer, who did not even bother evaluating the service and hence never becoming a customer, is complaining that they were not notified about the free stuff ending.

Well, guess what, if they like the service they can add a payment method and continue using it. But it was never about it, was it? It’s about taking away freebies. Let’s not fool ourselves.


a free or paid offer is still an offer

is addressed to customers

storj built a free offer without a deadline because he saw benefits for himself in it

when changing the offer, it should effectively inform each customer about it, like any serious company

No, I can’t pay any other way. And I won’t explain why. And if you wanted to, then there are many alternatives to this service, what’s the point then?
I think we should not forget that this project originated as a system closely related to the Blockchain. But to be honest, I expected a completely different vector for the development of this project and believed in its prospects. I even mined this token for some time. By the way, it was not possible to complete mining correctly, I waited more than 3 weeks to smoothly release only 2TB of data, in the end I had to incorrectly shut down the system and lose part of the payments. And I rather perceive these tokens as over-the-counter shares.
And I partly agree with the developers, money is needed, the project must make money. And I am also financially interested in this.
But I expected the positioning and marketing to be different. Completely different. As I mentioned above, I thought that this project would be more widespread, but it is s3 - more highly specialized. Very narrow, since corporations will not risk using it, and small individuals will pay little, since the demand for s3 storage is relatively small.
And also I do not agree with the removal of free plans. You can make 1 GB free. This is not the volume to lose a lot. But it will allow a new client to test the service more thoroughly, since the limit of 1 month is extremely short.

I, as a non-programmer, have been waiting for a long time for client applications for this service to appear. This first appeared in filezilla, but it was unstable and inconvenient. A few years later, I remembered about the service and found integration into TrueNAS and CyberDuck. It’s better, but still very highly specialized.
In fact, until the very end I hoped that this product would become a competing service to Google Drive. Yes, the idea of object storage is good, but you can two lines of business to cover more needs!
But this also requires convenient applications for Windows, Linux, Mac and iOS. And we need convenient payment methods, preserving the original blockchain soul of the project, but ether is too expensive, there are popular, convenient and cheap alternatives, for example, as I said earlier, this is Matic, Bnb, Ton, Solana eventually, although it is unstable.
I don’t understand why the project management didn’t go in these directions???
Company owners, maybe you would like to hire me as a consultant and services for clients tester? :wink: Or is this not a joke…
Think about the future of our project. I said “our” because we also believed, participated and were concerned about the future of Storj.

I have not used the service for several years, decided to resume use and have not seen any information recently about providing paid use and disabling free use. And I can’t sit down every day and monitor hundreds of sites of all services for changes in conditions that corporations do not want to reliably communicate (they send out promotional letters, but often hypocritically avoid sending notifications about changing conditions).
Moreover, most of the services that introduced paid conditions, disabling free ones, at least provided read access so that a client who does not agree with the new conditions could safely take his files back. This is the practice of companies that generally respect their users or at least beware of lawsuits and reputational damage.

Please don’t get me wrong, nor please don’t feel offended. However, I strongly disagree with you on several points. Storj’s offer was not for evaluation; at first, they offered 25GB, and then for a short period, even a crazy 150GB without almost any constraints (not even basic KYC). And suddenly, they started retracting, realizing that the actions they had taken simply did not work as expected, so they cut off both of those offers. You know what, actually, I don’t see it as a problem. The problem I see is the way they did it. I’m finding it extremely low. No info, not even an email; even more, if you stored 150GB there, as far as I understand, you didn’t even get a chance to regain your data. Maybe we were raised differently; there are different cultures and different ways of life. I just find it very weird. To say it mildly. Of course I may use much stronger words but then a lot of people will feel offended, if you know what I mean.

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It was sent on Feb 27, email titled “Announcement: Upcoming Change to Your Storj Account”. Maybe it’s in the junk folder?

You had a whole month following the announcement.

Right. But you shall read about the service you are about to sign up, terms of conditions, and how to pay for it. Then you would have known that you can add a credit card to convert account to pro, and become a customer. You did not, but by using the service you still agreed to this:

vi. Company may change or eliminate any Promotional Credit at any time, without notice, including, but not limited to any coupon, or Promotional Credit designated as a free trial or free tier.

Note, “Any time, without notice”. If you don’t like it – why did you sign up?

And yet, notification was actually sent as courtesy anyway.

Of course, email could have been junked, lost, fail to be received, fail to be sent, etc. Does not matter, you decided to rely on something that could have been taken away any time, from the beginning.

Anecdotally, I’ve added payment method to my account from the get go. Now once the coupon is gone I’ll be paying few cents more. No disruption of any kind.


This is business, not friendship club. This is not even customer facing business, like Dropbox or Box. This is geared towards B2B and there are no emotions involved. There is an agreement, and as long as everyone operates within the agreement – everyone is happy.

Someone once told me – what you are reading an agreement of every service you sign up to?!? And I don’t, but I do read agreements of stuff that matters, like, you know, storage providers that I entrust to maintain access to my data.

I don’t see a problem in other word. Could they sent a better formatted email perhaps? Eh, maybe, but this does not matter. No agreements were broken, so I’m happy.


I think that you do not want to understand my point of view. I still think that the way you are picturing it is mostly about small letters in the agreement, the big letters of the agreement seems to be apparently broken by the company. One should also have on her / his mind that, again, the problems were indeed created by the company, they should be much more consistent with their actions, in case of pivots should make it with a style, instead of crying or retracting as they currently do. What they did, again, from my point of view was very low, locking users for a few pennies, come on, how does it look like. As for the business model, I will be honest with you, I think that currently it is quite a mess. At least, lets hope that the basis is fine there, including carbon footprint certificates. To sum up, well, it is a business, however, at the same time it is a community, so you know, its a special case. P.S. No, they should not be sending better formatted emails, they should restrain themselves from treating own clients and users as they currently do, because, it looks very bad.

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Like the storagenode code.


Hello everyone,

Thank you for providing the free tier for this long, I have been using it for the last two years, I was very please with it, I would recommend and promote stroj as much as I can.
I was using it for archive and backup repo, I wasn’t checking in on the site very often. I didn’t get any email notification regarding this news. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to switch to a pro account, so I can’t get my data out now :frowning_face:
Is there by any chance a possibility to get around 10 GB of data out, please?

Thank you!

That is just completely wrong! STORJ has almost nothing to do with the blockchain!

Demand for S3 is huge. Demand for slow and expensive S3 on the other hand (STORJ), not so much.

As a none programmer, you are not in the target group. Maybe you have some photo backup service XY, and XY itself relies on STORJ for storage. But it is not an end user product.

Hahah, no. The resources needed for a good working file sync program are extreme.

Which direction? What are you talking about?


Oh, with the exception of its roots. :- )