Disk space overused without doing anything


My node is showing overused space.


I have read here and there in the forum that overused node appaers when a reduction of the storage node capacity is made. Nevertheles, I have made no modification on mynode since months. I so would like to know if this status is “normal” or is there something wrong with my node ?

One explanation could be the particular configuration of the capacities of my node (free, trach, overused → see picture).

Thanks in advance.


Everything went back to normal. Overused space is now down to zero.

is 1.7 TB the max space available on your HDD or do you have any buffer on the hardware?


Was your node restarted not long before this overuse was observed? Apparently the filewalker process that can/will run at node start recalculates the values with better accuracy and may find that a node is overallocated. This will clear with time as further ingress is stopped, delete requests come in, and trash collection is run. Seems this (among other items) contributes to why it is suggested to only share a portion of your disk and not 100%. See the posts directly linked here from the thread jammerdan previously linked to.

The HDD is used at around 92%. I don’t know if the HDD has a buffer.

It seems my node did not restart but I’m not 100% sure about it.

Great to hear. That means you don’t have to worry about your scores.