Disk utilisation not updating

Hi guys

Over the last two days my storage node has only updated disk utilisation once.
The Download and Audit stats are updating fine, however the Disk Average Month is not updating at all and is stuck on 25.27GBm.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue and is there any solution?


Sounds like randomness und luckily same egress than ingress. What do your ingress and egress say last two days?

something wrong?

Which SN version do you use? Tried to restart the docker container, if you’re using it?

I made the experience that after an automatic update a restart of the node helped. It’s like rebooting your pc, because you’re using windows. :joy:

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Egress is 16.2GB and ingress is 52.77GB
I’m receiving and sending data but it’s just that one statistic that’s not updating.
I know that it updates less often than the egress and audit stats but I would have expected a few updates by now.

I’ve restarted the node several times, it’s installed directly on Windows Server 2022 as a service.
I have yet to restart the actual server, I will likely do that next but I doubt it will make any difference.
I’ve disabled all network adapters other than the NIC I am using to connect Storj to the network and have verified that both TCP and UDP connections to the node port are possible.

After restarting the server it’s still the same.
It’s very odd since I’ve actually used 2.53TB in disk space for Storj, am still receiving data with plenty of available space but not getting any update for this one statistic.

v1.62.3 in all my nodes. I will try restarting the docker containers. Thanks!
the odd thing is that the “disk space used this month” is inversely proportional to the used disk space. Never seen this before.

Edit: after restarting container it jumped from 82.41 TB·h to 172.38 TB·h


Mine has litterally just updated.
Maybe the frequency of updates has changed or something?
Either way the issue is fixed for me it seems.

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This chart is showing data coming from satellites, is delayed, and doesn’t get updated often.
It’s always been this way (although it’s been slightly improved lately).

Don’t mind weird results for the past 3 or 4 days. And because it gets reset every month, the first 3 or 4 days show literally wrong data, every month. That’s usual.

Here is how it looks on my node today, for reference. You should see a similar shape:

@Cappy Your node is fine - with regards to that graph at least.

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I am seeing the same weird graph on all three of my storage nodes, I assume it is a satellite reporting issue. All three running v1.62.3

Just too add, I am as well on 2 separate nodes on different machines. both running Windows GUI.