Do clients pay for Tardigrade using Paypal?


On Twitter, the Seattle-based gift salesmen, Archie McPhee, complained that Paypal was censoring his tardigrade-themed products. The problem is there is a known Balkan arms dealer called Tardigrade Limited, and Paypal has blocked all payments to anything tethered to the word. This means any tardigrade merch that sells is banned by Paypal due to an algorithm that flags the name even if it is tied to moss piglet ornaments.

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Proof positive that Central Banking restricts freedom while enabling censorship and financial social engineering.

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Smelling a nice lawsuit brewing here.

On the Tardigrade page I don’t see an option to use Paypal. There is only Storj and credit card to fund the account. It is extremely sad for a “blockchain” company not to accept cryptocurrencies other than Storj.

This is not a “blockchain” company, it’s an unconventional storage services company. The storage system has nothing to do with a blockchain and is not fully decentralized like Sia for example.

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The fact that Storj might look like a blockchain company doesn’t make it so. Just like the fact that McDonalds looks like a fast food company, yet it’s a real estate company actually.