Docker Explaned

I’m new to nodes and don’t know a ton about computers I Currently am Running 2 Nodes on 2 PC.

I am wondering what are the biggest benefits and down sides to running docker?
and also have been reading lots about linux are there any pros and cons to linux VS windows?


As for docker.

In plus:
When you got the basics its easy to deploy, it just runs (in general no maintenance is needed), if you want to delete the application your system is left in “a clean” state.

In minus:
There is additional layer on top in many terms like network, filesystem etc, so it may not be as fast as running directly on host, however, you may tune it a bit. Also attacking surface is considered to be wider but here also you may tune it a bit both when running docker or you may switch to podman.

Linux vs Windows.

In general those are considered to be different worlds. If you like computers its advisable to learn Linux. IMO, easy way is to check free offers by major cloud providers.



I would also suggest to use Linux if possible: if you want to learn something and your hardware doesn’t have issues running Linux.
It also much easier to start multiple nodes and if you want to use RAID, there are much more options, than on Windows.
However, if you want to make it easy - then it’s better to use Windows. Docker on Windows is working stable if your Windows version and hardware supports WSL2 or at least Hyper-V, otherwise there would be only option to use a Community tool for multiple nodes: Win GUI Storj Node Toolbox.