Does incorrect disk space usage display for a satellite affect payout?

Basically on one of my nodes my disk space usage for Saltlake went from 12-14 TB*h a day to 0. I am still receiving a good 18+ GB incoming a day from that satellite so i am not sure what is going on. It seems to have happened since i upgraded to 1.3.3 but i can’t remember if i upgraded on the day i was 0 or 1-2 days before but it was this month.

I stopped the node and took a copy of the databases so i could have a look in there and i can see that yesterday the at_rest_total for the satelite is 0.0 and that it does not have a valuse for today. I thought to delete that figure to see if it would recalculate it to the correct amount but i thought that may make things even wrose.

Does this thread describe what you’re seeing?

No not really. Even if it was a huge delete it would not stay at 0 with 20gb coming in.

it seems to currently affect 2 of my nodes

Don’t worry. It is the same for me, plus see the images I posted in the linked thread above.

All 5 nodes show the same pattern and it catches up in the end.

Interestingly, on 1st May I got 25TBh from a 800GB node. So it isn’t even clean on the month boundary.