Does watchtower work with the beta?

I’ve been using watchtower for months now and it always updated my storagenode with no problem. However, since installing the beta (v0.20.1) this no longer seems to be happening. I noticed today that the current beta version is v0.21.1 but watchtower did not upgrade my node. Is watchtower still supported for this purpose?

BTW, I haven’t seen any official notification that we are indeed now at v0.21.1, however, I have seen references to that version in this forum so I am assuming those references are accurate.

We are om v0.21.1 now👍

Thx @John.A for confirming the version, do you use watchtower to automatically update the node? If so, is it working for you?

Yes - I’m updating via watchtower. No problems - also to latest 0.21.1 :+1:

There’s updated instructions for watchtower parameters, you can check them here:

Thx, @mike

I’ve restarted watchtower. How long should it take after updating watchtower for my storagenode to be updated? It’s been about 13 minutes since the update but the storagenode version still has not been updated:

storj@pine64:~$ docker ps
3e8f5ec13240 storjlabs/watchtower:latest-arm32v6 “/watchtower storage…” 13 minutes ago Up 13 minutes watchtower
308860d3756a storjlabs/storagenode:beta “/entrypoint” 2 weeks ago Up 2 weeks>28967/tcp storagenode

Hi. The latest version i updated manually cause i didnt want to wait for watchtower.
The new watchtower setup checks for updates every 6 hours if im remembering right

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The delay parameter is 6 hours, so I would at least give it that :slight_smile:

Its way past that time now, did it update?

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no, it did not update.

Did you use a different container name for your node? If so, adjust the container name in the watchtower command as well.

Could you post the logs of watchtower: docker logs watchtower?

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@kaloyan Before seeing this question I did a manual update of my storagenode and also removed and re-pulled watchtower so there are no current logs available. I will keep watch over the next while to see if any of these changes makes any difference. Thx…

I saw the same today, my nodes haven’t been updated since 0.22.1.
I did a manual update (to the last 0.24.5), so no logs available…
I will watch more closely.

and yes, the start command was already corrected to what mike (#4) mentioned.

Hello @eb8,
Welcome to the forum!
It should update in 72 hours, we throttle updates to do not down a whole network immediately after the release.

@Alexey I just received a notice to upgrade to v0.25.1 of the beta. I’ve checked my setup and it still says I am running v0.23.5 so there has been no update done. Watchtower is running, however, running docker logs -t watchtower shows nothing in the log, so there is no way to know if an attempt was even made to update to the new version. Should I just give up on watchtower and make these updates manually from now on? I’ll wait for your response before manually doing the update myself.

Support folks any response on this one. It’s been 19hrs since I received the upgrade notice and watchtower still has not updated my version. Should I just do it manually or is there some diagnostics I can provide you guys even thought there is nothing in the watchtower log?

Just update the watchtower container and let it run, then check what happens

ok, so I’ve done the following ( again…):

storj@pine64 : ~ $ docker stop watchtower

storj@pine64 : ~ $ docker rm watchtower

storj@pine64 : ~ $ docker run -d --restart=always --name watchtower -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock storjlabs/watchtower storagenode watchtower --stop-timeout 300s --interval 21600

I’ll give it until this evening to do the update. If it doesn’t then I’ll just do it manually and remove watchtower because, at least for me, it is not working.

Make sure to give it at least 6 hours (21600s) from the time you first started the watchtower container. If it doesn’t update after 6 hours there is definitely something wrong.

So watchtower has been recycled has been running in excess of 33hrs but it still hasn’t updated my node so I’ll just do it manually and remove watchtower because it is of no use.

storj@pine64:~$ docker ps 
CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                        COMMAND                  CREATED             STATUS              PORTS                      NAMES
e9735d4b05bb        storjlabs/watchtower         "/watchtower storage…"   33 hours ago        Up 33 hours                                    watchtower
df46f5e8166a        storjlabs/storagenode:beta   "/entrypoint"            2 weeks ago         Up 8 days >28967/tcp   storagenode

Did you update the watchtower image to the latest before the start?