Downloading from storj price?

Well, I think I messed up and need to download all the files I have been storing on storj for a while. There are 174,000 files at about 2TB total. Can anyone please tell me what the cost of downloading these is gonna run me? Then I am gonna have to re-upload them as for some reason I have misplaced my keys and will have to re-create my storj bucket as what I have is stored in Filezilla and I have NO IDEA if there is a way to extract it from there.

If someone can help with this it would be great. Thank you

Have a look at below link so you can get a better idea.


You might get lucky with one of these:

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Which keys are you missing? If you still have the encryption passphrase, downloading and reuploading shouldn’t be needed. How exactly do you have Filezilla setup? Is it using the native storj protocol or S3?

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You can re-encrypt your data, but you need either:

  • a previous encryption phrase (if you have it, why do you need to re-encrypt?);
  • a previous access grant (see Downloading from storj price? - #3 by sembeth, and again why do you need to re-encrypt, if you already have an access grant?);
  • a previous S3 credentials (the same, if you have them, you likely do not need to re-encrypt).

The easy way to re-encrypt data (even in the same bucket) is to use rclone.

  1. Configure a new remote in rclone using either a previous encryption phrase, new API key and the satellite address or using a previous access grant or using a previous S3 credentials, call it “old” for example.
  2. Configure the second remote using either a new API key, a new encryption phrase and the satellite address or using a new access grant with a new encryption phrase or new S3 credentials with a new encryption phrase, and call it “new” for example.

Now you can re-encrypt (please note - it will incur charges for egress!):

rclone move -P old:my-bucket new:my-bucket

However if you could not remember your encryption phrase and have not succeed to get an access grant/S3 credentials from the FileZilla configuration, then you likely would need to download your files back, then delete from the bucket and upload them back using a new access grant with a known encryption phrase.

I was able to get the BASE64= BLA BLA BLA
but now what do I do with it this is encoded

Google “Base64 Decode”.
But be careful. If you use a website, they may log what you decode and then they have your key. Better look for a tool on which you can run locally.

You may decrypt it:


echo "QkxBIEJMQSBCTEEK" | base64 -d


echo "QkxBIEJMQSBCTEEK" > 1.txt.b64
certutil -decode 1.txt.b64 1.txt
cat 1.txt