Downtime disqualification

Good morning,
I found lot of threads about downtime but i still don’t get how much is the maximum downtime allowed before disqualification.
I mean last month i got several blackouts due to thunderstorms and even if i have an ups (so no hardware or data fault) the street cabinet with fiber went down for several hours so no internet connection available.
i see almost all satellites with a triangle and a yellow sign, and actually my satellites percentage is between 93 % and 96 %.
Should i worry about it ?

there is currently no Disqualification for Downtime… there will be in the future tho.

the current Downtime required for getting a suspension is 288 hours
aka 12 days.

after 12 days your online score should be around 60% which will be the point of suspension.

a suspension means you will not get any ingress for 30 days and is essentially under review and if the problems aren’t fixed eventually the idea is the DQ such a node… but for now… it should be impossible to get DQ for downtime atleast…

however the network will move on without a node, and thus eventually all data on an offline node would be repaired, so it’s not like there isn’t any penalty for downtime…

my 14.4 TB node lost around 100gb a day of downtime.


ok i got it, so now i’m still safe.

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Small elaboration on that. Suspension is lifted when your score goes above 60% again. If the down time was spread out over a month the suspension could in theory be really short. When you’re suspended you have a week to solve the problem, followed by a 30 days review period. If after the review period your score is still below the threshold your node will be disqualified when that part is enabled as well.