Egress traffic cost

Hello. During sign up your service says that egress traffic is 7 dollar per TB.
After going to advanced report of my billing page, at egress traffic has audit and repair also.
Do i have to pay for them also? So the 7 dollar per month is not only for downloading my files. The repair and audit traffic is charged on me also?

And if yes, I want to upload 10TB of files as a long term backup. 10ΤΒ Χ4$ = 40$.
I need 500GB download so it will be 3.5 dollars, 43.5 dollars total.
How much will be the repair and audit bandwith apx for my 10TB archive. Sorry for my english and thnx in advance fro your answer.
I need to know because my budjet is strictly 50 dolllars per month.

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Audit and repair is storj problem you not pay for it.

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byt why i see this at my billing dashboard?

Perhaps they want to show that your data is being taken care of.

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So you don’t pay for repair. The Advanced report you are seeing was originally showing that detail to let you know that there are costs to repair that we, Storj, pay for on your behalf. But we agree that this is confusing, and the Advanced Report in its current form has been flagged for removal and eventually be reworked so things like this are more clear. We are always balancing between providing as much information as people want, but not trying to make things confusing. In this case, the Advanced Report is confusing in its current form, so we’ll more than likely be removing it soon.


While you are at it, you could have a look at the signup form which could be improved. Also OAuth would be neat. Imagine Storj users could sign-up/login using Amazon credentials: Login with Amazon | Secure Login Service | Amazon Developer Portal

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Thank you for suggestion!
I think it is worth its own feature request at DCS feature requests - voting - Storj Community Forum (official)

Done here: Suggestions to improve signup