Electricity Costs

I run 2 nodes in 2 different country, I was wondering what is your cost of electricity in your country. I personally have one tariff for day and night which is around 0.15e/kWh this is in Slovakia

Please send your Costs per kWh and your country really interested, at the end of the day I will compile a spreadsheet where this data is located and share it with the public

Thanks a lot in Participation

While interesting I am wondering about the purpose. What’s the goal of that spreadsheet?

Germany, 0.22€/kwh

France, for a power of 6kw:

  • Day: 0.1798€/kwh (16 hours a day)
  • Night: 0.1344€/kwh (8 hours a day)


0.1557€/kwh all day long.

Germany 4.5kw 0.29€/kwh

Canada elec 0.12cad/kwh

US Commercial - $0.05484/KWh
US Residential - $0.15/KWh
No ToU around here.

CAD $0.0589/kWh where I’m at.

Center France 0,1524 € / kwh

denmark 0.27€

i can’t believe i’m not the top of the list… 2nd place tho… woooho
do i get a prize?

no you get an extra bill…


one thing to keep in mind is also that power costs can range widely pr Kwh even in or near the same location due to different providers and how they bill you.

some of the providers here will sell it at 0.22€ or so they claim, but haven’t had good experience switching, often they just have hidden fees or such… but they are there and there are many of them, so i’m guessing they can’t all be scams.

Austria Commercial - 0.065€ / kwh
Austria Residential - 0.18€ / kwh


Interesting tariff, as I’m on an EV specific one:

DAY (04:30 - 00:30) - £0.13/kWh
NIGHT (00:30 - 04:30) - £0.05/kWh

The market is extremely variable in the UK so it’s impossible to say for certain what electricity costs. Depends on which region you’re in and which tariff you’ve chosen from your provider.

You can consult reports like https://strom-report.de/electricity-prices-europe/

tried to compare the numbers on strom-report.de

seems slightly higher than most reports here… but limited data set we have on the forum and it’s only deviates by like 10% so that might be changes in exchange rates or current global prices or whatever

canada tho… did the conversion to euro…

ended at 0.08€


0.13€ /kWh

Canada if your power got much cheaper you would had to pay people to take it… lol

miners’ paradise lol… had to give up mining years ago because of electricity costs in germany…


my provider and my plan:
6EUR/month fixed fee, then
0.15 EUR/kWh during the day
0.11EUR/kWh at night and on weekends

Italy - Rome

0,18 Eur/kwh 24/24 Hours and 7/7 days

i should really get around to doing the math on what a solar setup would cost me and how long it would take the recoup the costs…

Yes same here I have a 100w solar panel would have to upgrade it to 200W and I can run a full 1U server. a guy is selling a server that has 2 separate computers that require at most 25W together. meaning that it is supper power efficient I’m looking into acquiring two of them so I can deploy them in DC because they have policy of minimum power draw of 50W

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Belize 0.49 BZD per Kwh aprox 0.245 USD

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I thought elec costs were high considering the conversion rate from CAD to USD and the rate we get paid in canada.

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