Empty temp folder automatically

Is it possible to clean up temp folder automatically like its going to happen with trash folder now (i think data can be deleted even after 1 hour of inactivity on daily/weekly basis)


Normally it should be empty if the node shutdown cleanly.
Files there are not finished uploads, so they can be safely deleted only when the node is stopped.

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normally- yep! but when node restarts or power failure or network issue- u should do that manually (by 10-50+ nodes it very inconvenient


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Yes that is really bad and has been mentioned already in the past:

Suggestions have been made:


Use a powershell script to traverse to your nodes and delete those .partial files.

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yep i am doing that way right now :(((

No, even if it’s restart (not killed), it should remove the temp files.
So, I could assume that you have a lot of uncontrolled restarts (kills)?
If so, this is the time to check your configuration to figure out, why this is happening.

absolutely not s lot, it can happen once/twice in a month maximum:

Wouldn’t unstable internet cause it too ? Intermittent internet disruption could also lead to lot of partial files.

Then the storage node would clean the interrupted files after reporting an error.

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If the node is running it will remove them after timeout or canceling.
So, I guess they should not remain if there were no restarts.

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From this screenshot I may assume, that you have had a force restart on 2024-04-07 and 2024-03-28.
Could you please check what’s caused that?
Because it sounds like an update process have killed it.

03-28- it was node update
04-07- restarted node manually to initiate filewalker

I see, so, even automatic update killing the node…
I would report this to the team
Also, I would assume that you restarted the node from the Services applet, right?

In my case regular restarts wait for all transfers for finish. If it doesn’t, then indeed this looks like a bug. I wonder if it is maybe some case of a timeout, and if transfers are not finished in some period of time, the node is forcibly restarted…

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We recommend a 300 seconds timeout for the docker nodes, however, it’s unlikely supported by the Windows Services Manager…