Error: "Invalid UI version in the JSON-RPC response"

I have followed all steps of Test network · storj/storj Wiki · GitHub but at the time of login through http://localhost:11000/minio/login I got the Error : “Invalid UI version in the JSON-RPC response”.


Please guide me regarding this .

Thank you for pointing out this issue. We have escalated this to our dev team for troubleshooting.


Apologies for the inconvenience. We are working on a fix for this issue. In the meantime, you can install the working Gateway binary from the releases page to get the MinIO browser to work.


Thanks for reply @jeremy . Kindly guide me where to install this and how it will work for me?

You may take a look at this guide: Self-hosted S3 Compatible Gateway - Storj DCS Docs

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Thank for your reply @Alexey , but that still not work for me .

Please i need another solution.

Just need to test storj locally…

Is there any other way to solve this error that i have mentioned above.

Hello @kar1,

The Gateway binary extracted from the archive should be placed in the Go binary directory, replacing the gateway binary that’s already there. You can find this directory by running go env GOBIN in a terminal. This command may not output anything if the GOBIN environment variable wasn’t set, however. In this case, Go binaries are located in the bin folder in GOPATH (found by running go env GOPATH).


Hello @jeremy I have done exactly what you suggest but still not getting any positive result same error is showing.

[Error: “Invalid UI version in the JSON-RPC response”]

Please guide me if there is another way.

And also I want to know what is this error exactly about?

Is this regarding Minio server or json-rpc I am little bit confused.

Please help me , I have tried this but still didn’t get the result same error is occurring

Kindly instruct needfull…

@jeremy @Alexey

I have no solution for gateway-st so far.
But you may try to use another project for local testing: GitHub - storj/up: Docker-compose files for running full Storj network locally
it closer to the real Storj network, because it has gateway-Mt instead of gateway-st.


Could you tell me the result of running gateway version in your terminal?

2023-02-27T15:08:49.706+0530 INFO process/exec_conf.go:298 Configuration loaded {“Location”: “C:\Users\Malay102\AppData\Roaming\Storj\Gateway\config.yaml”}
2023-02-27T15:08:49.708+0530 INFO process/tracing.go:73 Anonymized tracing enabled
2023-02-27T15:08:49.714+0530 DEBUG tracing collector monkit-jaeger@v0.0.0-20220915074555-d100d7589f41/udp.go:128 started
2023-02-27T15:08:49.717+0530 DEBUG process/debug.go:37 debug server listening on
Development build

2023-02-27T15:08:49.720+0530 DEBUG tracing collector monkit-jaeger@v0.0.0-20220915074555-d100d7589f41/udp.go:192 stopped

I got this …

@kar1 It looks like your command processor can’t find the Gateway binary you downloaded earlier. (If it could, you would be seeing Release build instead of Development build.) Since you’re using Windows, you can run where gateway.exe to be shown where the faulty Gateway binary resides. Navigate to this file and replace it with the one you extracted from the GitHub archive.


Hello @jeremy thanks for your reply.

I have done the same exactly you have suggested. That ui version error has gone but another issue is there. Once I login to gateway the gateway also get shut down and showing “MinIO Server is unreachable”. What should I do?

Please help me @jeremy @Alexey

Please copy a error stack-trace from the window with gateway when gateway is shutdown itself. Please post the error stack trace here between two new lines with three backticks like this:

logs lines here

I have the same problem,and there are the logs

@jeremy , I installed the working Gateway binary

gateway version
2023-03-07T00:59:42.326-0800 INFO Anonymized tracing enabled
Release build
Version: v1.8.3
Build timestamp: 22 Dec 22 03:50 PST
Git commit: 4b74c3b

satellite-core/0 00:48:40.147 | DEBUG core-zombie-deletion zombiedeletion/chore.go:80 deleting zombie objects
gateway/0 00:48:47.166 | unexpected fault address 0x0
| fatal error: fault
gateway/0 00:48:47.170 | [signal SIGSEGV: segmentation violation code=0x80 addr=0x0 pc=0x469b9f]
| goroutine 88 [running]:
| runtime.throw({0x1c58f57?, 0x18?})
| /usr/local/go/src/runtime/panic.go:1047 +0x5d fp=0xc000a878a8 sp=0xc000a87878 pc=0x4380dd
| runtime.sigpanic()
| /usr/local/go/src/runtime/signal_unix.go:842 +0x2c5


Hello @Alexey @jeremy

There are many lines. Here I am staging some of their for your reference.

unexpected fault address 0xffffffffffffffff                                                                                                                                    fatal error: fault                                                                                                                                                             [signal 0xc0000005 code=0x0 addr=0xffffffffffffffff pc=0x6ba9ff]                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              goroutine 40 [running]:                                                                                                                                                        runtime.throw({0x1eb499c?, 0x265c67d0598?})                                                                                                                                            /usr/local/go/src/runtime/panic.go:1047 +0x65 fp=0xc0003558b0 sp=0xc000355880 pc=0x68b645                                                                              runtime.sigpanic()                                                                                                                                                                     /usr/local/go/src/runtime/signal_windows.go:261 +0x125 fp=0xc0003558f8 sp=0xc0003558b0 pc=0x6a0245                                                                     aeshashbody()                                                                                                                                                                          /usr/local/go/src/runtime/asm_amd64.s:1366 +0x39f fp=0xc000355900 sp=0xc0003558f8 pc=0x6ba9ff                                                                          runtime.mapiternext(0xc000c88f80)                                                                                                                                                      /usr/local/go/src/runtime/map.go:936 +0x2eb fp=0xc000355970 sp=0xc000355900 pc=0x66090b                                                                                runtime.mapiterinit(0x0?, 0x6?, 0x1?)                                                                                                                                                  /usr/local/go/src/runtime/map.go:863 +0x236 fp=0xc000355990 sp=0xc000355970 pc=0x6605d6                                                                                reflect.mapiterinit(0x1ac48ac?, 0xc000355a18?, 0x6b3a85?)                                                                                                                              /usr/local/go/src/runtime/map.go:1375 +0x19 fp=0xc0003559b8 sp=0xc000355990 pc=0x6b6639                                                                      *UnsafeMapType).UnsafeIterate(...)                                                                                                                      /go/pkg/mod/                                                                                           *sortKeysMapEncoder).Encode(0xc000281470, 0xc000b4b480, 0xc000b4b500)                                                                                     /go/pkg/mod/ +0x236 fp=0xc000355b28 sp=0xc0003559b8 pc=0xc729f6                                        *structFieldEncoder).Encode(0xc000281830, 0x1a8c85a?, 0xc000b4b500)                                                                                       /go/pkg/mod/ +0x56 fp=0xc000355ba0 sp=0xc000355b28 pc=0xc80236                              *structEncoder).Encode(0xc000281a40, 0x0?, 0xc000b4b500)                                                                                                  /go/pkg/mod/ +0x765 fp=0xc000355c88 sp=0xc000355ba0 pc=0xc80c45                             *OptionalEncoder).Encode(0xc00008de00?, 0x0?, 0x0?)                                                                                                       /go/pkg/mod/ +0xb0 fp=0xc000355cd8 sp=0xc000355c88 pc=0xc77dd0                                     *onePtrEncoder).Encode(0xc000b831f0, 0xc000b4b440, 0xc000280bd0?)                                                                                                                                                                                             /usr/local/go/src/net/http/server.go:2109 +0x2f fp=0xc0004af568 sp=0xc0004af540 pc=0xbd926f                                                                  {0x2780970?, 0xc00016a700?}, 0xc000024a00?)                                                                                                  /go/pkg/mod/ +0x3ca fp=0xc0004af6c8 sp=0xc0004af568 pc=0x17dd24a                          net/http.HandlerFunc.ServeHTTP(0x65e09f?, {0x2780970?, 0xc00016a700?}, 0xc00026b170?)                                                                                                  /usr/local/go/src/net/http/server.go:2109 +0x2f fp=0xc0004af6f0 sp=0xc0004af6c8 pc=0xbd926f                                                                  {0x2780970, 0xc00016a700}, 0xc000024a00)                                                                                                                                                                         *HeaderConn).Read(0x5fb?, {0xc00045ec00?, 0x1ccc301?, 0xc0004a1040?})                                                                                       <autogenerated>:1 +0x2f fp=0xc000bc77d8 sp=0xc000bc77a8 pc=0xa5290f                                                                                          *closeTrackingConn).Read(0xc00045ec05?, {0xc00045ec00?, 0x5fb?, 0xc00045ec00?})                                                                               <autogenerated>:1 +0x2f fp=0xc000bc7808 sp=0xc000bc77d8 pc=0xa51e0f                                                                                          *timedConn).Read(0xc0000085b8, {0xc00045ec00?, 0x30001?, 0xc0?})                                                                                                  /go/pkg/mod/ +0x89 fp=0xc000bc7870 sp=0xc000bc7808 pc=0xa5f589                                      crypto/tls.(*atLeastReader).Read(0xc000008a08, {0xc00045ec00?, 0x0?, 0x2?})                                                                                                            /usr/local/go/src/crypto/tls/conn.go:787 +0x3d fp=0xc000bc78b8 sp=0xc000bc7870 pc=0x8b319d                                                                             bytes.(*Buffer).ReadFrom(0xc0004b8278, {0x2771380, 0xc000008a08})                                                                                                                      /usr/local/go/src/bytes/buffer.go:202 +0x98 fp=0xc000bc7910 sp=0xc000bc78b8 pc=0x7b6b18                                                                                crypto/tls.(*Conn).readFromUntil(0xc0004b8000, {0x265c689ca68?, 0xc0000085b8}, 0x600?)                                                                                                 /usr/local/go/src/crypto/tls/conn.go:809 +0xe5 fp=0xc000bc7950 sp=0xc000bc7910 pc=0x8b3385                                                                             crypto/tls.(*Conn).readRecordOrCCS(0xc0004b8000, 0x0)                                                                                                                                  /usr/local/go/src/crypto/tls/conn.go:616 +0x116 fp=0xc000bc7cd8 sp=0xc000bc7950 pc=0x8b07d6                                                                            crypto/tls.(*Conn).readRecord(...)                                                                                                                                                     /usr/local/go/src/crypto/tls/conn.go:582                                                                                                                               crypto/tls.(*Conn).Read(0xc0004b8000, {0xc000c0f000, 0x1000, 0x0?})                                                                                                                    /usr/local/go/src/crypto/tls/conn.go:1287 +0x16f fp=0xc000bc7d48 sp=0xc000bc7cd8 pc=0x8b642f                                                                 *Reader).ReadPacketUsing(0xc0000029c0, {0xc000ade4e0?, 0x0?, 0x30?})                                                                                           /go/pkg/mod/ +0x4d2 fp=0xc000bc7e78 sp=0xc000bc7d48 pc=0xa544f2                                                   *Manager).manageReader(0xc000452540)                                                                                                                        /go/pkg/mod/ +0xdf fp=0xc000bc7fc8 sp=0xc000bc7e78 pc=0xa5c47f                                                                                                                                                                                      /go/pkg/mod/ +0x26 fp=0xc000bc7fe0 sp=0xc000bc7fc8 pc=0xa5bc86                                                         runtime.goexit()                                                                                                                                                                       /usr/local/go/src/runtime/asm_amd64.s:1594 +0x1 fp=0xc000bc7fe8 sp=0xc000bc7fe0 pc=0x6bd761                                                                            created by                                                                                                                                    /go/pkg/mod/ +0x416                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   goroutine 93 [runnable]:                                                                                                                                                       net/http.(*connReader).startBackgroundRead.func2()                                                                                                                                     /usr/local/go/src/net/http/server.go:674 fp=0xc000cd9fe0 sp=0xc000cd9fd8 pc=0xbd19e0                                                                                   runtime.goexit()                                                                                                                                                                       /usr/local/go/src/runtime/asm_amd64.s:1594 +0x1 fp=0xc000cd9fe8 sp=0xc000cd9fe0 pc=0x6bd761                                                                            created by net/http.(*connReader).startBackgroundRead                                                                                                                                  /usr/local/go/src/net/http/server.go:674 +0xca                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        goroutine 100 [IO wait]:                                                                                                                                                       runtime.gopark(0x0?, 0xc000b34298?, 0x48?, 0x43?, 0xc000b342c8?)                                                                                                                       /usr/local/go/src/runtime/proc.go:363 +0xd6 fp=0xc000bc5d80 sp=0xc000bc5d60 pc=0x68e116                                                                                runtime.netpollblock(0x30002?, 0xbc5d50?, 0xc0?)                                                                                                                                       /usr/local/go/src/runtime/netpoll.go:526 +0xf7 fp=0xc000bc5db8 sp=0xc000bc5d80 pc=0x684137                                                                             internal/poll.runtime_pollWait(0x265c689c440, 0x72)                                                                                                                                    /usr/local/go/src/runtime/netpoll.go:305 +0x89 fp=0xc000bc5dd8 sp=0xc000bc5db8 pc=0x6b7009                                                                             internal/poll.(*pollDesc).wait(0xffff?, 0x8?, 0x0)                                                                                                                                     /usr/local/go/src/internal/poll/fd_poll_runtime.go:84 +0x32 fp=0xc000bc5e00 sp=0xc000bc5dd8 pc=0x714992                                                                internal/poll.execIO(0xc000b34298, 0x24a4218)                                                                                                                                          /usr/local/go/src/internal/poll/fd_windows.go:175 +0xe5 fp=0xc000bc5e58 sp=0xc000bc5e00 pc=0x715fc5                                                                    internal/poll.(*FD).Read(0xc000b34280, {0xc000434131, 0x1, 0x1})                                                                                                                       /usr/local/go/src/internal/poll/fd_windows.go:441 +0x26b fp=0xc000bc5ee8 sp=0xc000bc5e58 pc=0x716e4b                                                                   net.(*netFD).Read(0xc000b34280, {0xc000434131?, 0xc000254298?, 0xc000bc5f68?})                                                                                                         /usr/local/go/src/net/fd_posix.go:55 +0x29 fp=0xc000bc5f30 sp=0xc000bc5ee8 pc=0x7548a9                                                                                 net.(*conn).Read(0xc000c86240, {0xc000434131?, 0xc000b5a230?, 0x1?})                                                                                                                   /usr/local/go/src/net/net.go:183 +0x45 fp=0xc000bc5f78 sp=0xc000bc5f30 pc=0x76bac5                                                                                     net/http.(*connReader).backgroundRead(0xc000434120)                                                                                                                                    /usr/local/go/src/net/http/server.go:678 +0x3f fp=0xc000bc5fc8 sp=0xc000bc5f78 pc=0xbd1adf                                                                             net/http.(*connReader).startBackgroundRead.func2()                                                                                                                                     /usr/local/go/src/net/http/server.go:674 +0x26 fp=0xc000bc5fe0 sp=0xc000bc5fc8 pc=0xbd1a06                                                                             runtime.goexit()                                                                                                                                                                       /usr/local/go/src/runtime/asm_amd64.s:1594 +0x1 fp=0xc000bc5fe8 sp=0xc000bc5fe0 pc=0x6bd761                                                                            created by net/http.(*connReader).startBackgroundRead                                                                                                                                  /usr/local/go/src/net/http/server.go:674 +0xca

There are more lines but as forum wont allow more than 32000 so i have picked random from logs please refer this.

So these message I got in terminal and in web I got “MinIO server is unreachable”

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Anything goes up?

Please help me with this…


I believe it’s a bug in Gateway-ST. Would you mind to open a GitHub issue?

Did you try storj-up?

I tested myself, all versions of Gateway-ST are broken after 9b3a957-go1.17.12 (I used a docker image for tests).
The working binary is Release v1.8.2 · storj/gateway-st · GitHub

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I’ve created an issue to track this here: segfault when using minio browser · Issue #73 · storj/gateway-st · GitHub

@kar1 You can safely skip the login with your web brower step and test storj locally using any s3 compatible tool such as the aws-cli or rclone.