Error: "Invalid UI version in the JSON-RPC response"

Hello @Alexey .

Thank you so much for your support.
Yes using this solution I get rid of this Invalid ui version error.

Now I can login in localhost:11000/minio/login.

I also run gateway on 7777 port, connect to satellite web project that was on port :10002 .

Yes I can create bucket and upload files using gateway and uplink bur still I can not create bucket using satellite web.

I got stuck in this error.

Here I am attaching screenshot of that please refer and help me out .


Hello @kar1,

There are some additional steps you’ll have to take to get the file browser to work.

  1. Install the Storj Edge Services.
    • Clone the storj/gateway-mt repository.
    • While within the directory you cloned it into, run go install -v ./....
  2. Destroy and restart your local Storj network.
    • You must run storj-sim using the storj-sim network run --no-gateways command.
  3. Get your local satellite’s node URL.
    • Run storj-sim network env SATELLITE_0_URL.
  4. Run authservice.
    • Replacing SAT_NODE_URL with the satellite node URL from the previous step, run:
    authservice run ^
       --allowed-satellites SAT_NODE_URL ^
       --auth-token my-test-auth-token ^
       --endpoint http://localhost:8002 ^
       --listen-addr :8000 ^
       --kv-backend badger://
    (If you are using PowerShell, replace the carets (^) with backticks (`).)
  5. Run gateway-mt.
    •  gateway-mt run ^
         --auth.token my-test-auth-token ^
         --auth.base-url http://localhost:8000 ^
         --domain-name localhost ^
         --server.address localhost:8002 ^

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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Any specific gateway-mt version?

And one more thing why should I need gateway-mt instead of gateway-st?

I have done folllowing but showing same as before ERROR

storj-sim network destroy

storj-sim network setup --postgres=postgres://postgres:postgres@localhost:5432/teststorj?sslmode=disable

storj-sim network run --no-gateways

storj-sim network env SATELLITE_0_URL = 12TiRqWsp1M39TZZUcUmfpLjMjiED1Xumx3peTbaZyH6UX566Sd@

authservice run ^
   --allowed-satellites 12TiRqWsp1M39TZZUcUmfpLjMjiED1Xumx3peTbaZyH6UX566Sd@ ^
   --auth-token my-test-auth-token ^
   --endpoint http://localhost:7777 ^
   --listen-addr : 7772^
   --kv-backend badger://
 gateway-mt run ^
   --auth.token my-test-auth-token ^
   --auth.base-url http://localhost:7772 ^
   --domain-name localhost ^
   --server.address localhost:7777 ^

Am i missing something ?

Please reach me out asap…!

@jeremy @Alexey

If you run gateway-st on port 7777, you need to stop it and either use a different port or do not run it at all.

For web UI you need to use Gateway-MT instead of Gateway-ST.

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@Alexey @jeremy

Yes ofcourse, I have stopped gateway-st and then run gateway-mt on port 777

Still this occur

In the screenshot with “Cannot get gateway credentials” can you show the Response tab of the error in the DevTools? It should show an error in there corresponding to the 400 Bad Request.

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Yes you are absolutely right .

It showing 400 Bad Request

What to do next?

Since you are using a port (7772) other than the default (8000) for authservice, you will need to add this to your satellite config:

console.gateway-credentials-request-url: http://localhost:7772

Your config should be located at %appdata%\Storj\Local-Network\satellite\0\config.yaml. Once you’ve added that line, you should restart storj-sim for it to take effect.


Hello @jeremy I have done the same as you instruct but got the same result.

One more question. If you see Request URL: http://localhost:7777/v1/access
in above Picture
Then why we should add 7772 port to satellite config.

That’s because the Gateway credentials request URL should match the listen address of authservice. You’re getting an error when trying to contact http://localhost:7777 because authservice isn’t listening there; that’s gateway-mt’s address.

Hello @jeremy

As you have said I have update the console.gateway-credentials-request-url: http://localhost:7772 so now the Request url is “http://localhost:7772/v1/access

I have ran both authservice and gateway-mt as shown in this

And one more question how satellite fetch gateway credentials from port 7772 as we havent set anything on that …

Is there should be appear on 7772 because in my system nothing is there on 7772 port.

So I am little bit of confused

@kar1 The satellite is able to fetch Gateway credentials from port 7772 because you specified --listen-addr :7772 when executing authservice run. This allows authservice to handle any requests directed to http://localhost:7772.

Hello guys…

First of all I want to thank you all for you humble co-operation and help that you have provided.

I am now able to run storj locally I can now do all operations locally using satellite web and gateway.

Thanks all…!!

Have a Good Day…!