ERROR version running on not allowed/outdated version v1.1.1

2020-04-24T16:16:07.971+0200 ERROR version running on not allowed/outdated version v1.1.1
WTF? Lastest docker != lastest!


@Alexey, @littleskunk ^ good update with no update!

I see current cursor status is so far from “ffffffffffff…”

So, if anuone restart docker version of storagenode no have a chance to run it again, it disaster!

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yepp same here my node stops and I cannot update to a newer version as request. Full outage :frowning:

And these people want to enter some online requirements! Damn, it’s a brilliant plan! Haha

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Syntax Error: Too many operators to decipher
Semantic Error: Unknown word lastest


Same happens to me!! Help!!!

looks 1.1.1 can run again - at least my node is now running. Still with lots of errors like
2020-04-24T14:41:33.063Z ERROR piecestore upload rejected, too many requests {“live requests”: 15}

but it is running

update it to 1.3.3 thats all

HOw to update? Latest I get a 7month old version and beta the 1.1.1

i just updated to 1.3.3 but i have windows GUI

restart your updater, it will update

At this moment, we do not have fresh docker image, until “cursor” will be “ffffffff…”

Your recommendation is not working for the docker version of the storage node.

@Vadim: Believe me I did this - watchtower does nothing.
And should not be done immediately - idea is to distribute updates across several days (at least it was).
Forced switch off of 1.1.1 looks like a mistake.

Working now v1.1.1.
I couldn’t update to 1.3.3 because the next version available was not rolled out for me.

“New version available but not rolled out to this nodeID yet {“Service”: “storagenode”}”

Don’t force update. GUI version will auto-update and docker will do the same when you have watchtower.

Only windows users can download 1.3.3

Agreed but some users here had to restart their node for some reason but node won’t get back online. It errors out on wanting a latest version which seems like a bug.

@deathlessdd I typically let the watchtower do the job - just reporting that restarted nodes (for whatever reason) cannot be brought online again since the system (not the user) tries to force an update that is not possible (since not available).
I would like you to read first, before you complain about others behaviour THX

Not sure what your talking about but ok, I just restarted my nodes and they started back up just fine.

All of which are running watchtower