ETH transaction fees to the moon

are the high eth transaction a problem for Storj? If yes what is the solution?

This was discussed a while ago when it wasn’t nearly as crazy as today.

There are some suggestions from Storj of how they might work around it in the future. And some good community feedback there as well.


Has anybody ever looked into if that could help?
They claim to be able to carry out cross-chain decentralized transactions and maybe that could help Storj in 3 ways:

  1. Reducing the need of gas
  2. Create lesser and/or more predictable or sustainable transaction fees
  3. Pay SNOs cryptocurrencies other than Storj if they wish

I just started to read through their stuff and currently not understanding even half of it. But some parts triggered my attention like in one of their examples

Alice never needs to have ETH to pay for gas, or even an Ethereum address of her own.


Reduce user friction by removing the need for users to hold ETH and expediting the time it takes to move assets across chains.

So maybe Storj could benefit from integrate with them?