Ever contacted LucidLink?

I had already mentioned them here:

I have just read 2 more articles and I think they could be a great fit:

The original LucidLink Custom service takes a bring-your-own-storage approach, letting customers use any Amazon S3 API-compliant object storage in the cloud or on premises. Tested and qualified options include Cloudian, Nutanix, Scality, Zadara, Ceph and MinIO for on-premises deployments and AWS, Alibaba, Backblaze, DigitalOcean, Exoscale, Google Cloud, IBM, Telefonica and Wasabi in the cloud. LucidLink added support for Microsoft Azure earlier this year.

LucidLink’s goal for Filespaces is to give customers a fast, secure alternative to replace on-premises NAS systems with less expensive, but generally slower, object storage. Filespaces provides an interface to the back end object storage. Users view and access files in the same way they would if the data resided on their local machines.



Thank you!
I"ll pass this on internally.

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To me this looks like it should already work fine with Storj DCS now. We would appreciate it if our community could try it out and if successful, perhaps write a short instruction on how to set it up.

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Yes, it could be. And If it does, then Storj is being missed on this page of providers and I think Storj have to sign up as partner to get there: Become a Partner | LucidLink

Maybe becoming a partner would also offer additional options like joined marketing, advertisement and so on to get noted by their clients.


Yay! :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:
So we hope to see the Storj logo on the partner page soon. :star_struck:

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Our dev team confirmed we are already in touch with LucidLink :+1:


Amazing. This could open the door for Storj to professional media content producers like film post production companies etc. That would be awesome.