Existing problems at the moment

I hope you gonna announce that day in advance.

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Why do you want to wait it for? I believe you need to start now, especially considering how much issues your setup have… (I’m sorry!!!)

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Most of the issues are Storj made and I hope the get resolved.
Because of that I don’t have reliable information and won’t change a thing.

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Most of issues are related to a so called “potato” nodes, i.e. VM with overprovisioning or a completely weak devices so far.

Storj made the load to discover issues with the setups before the real customers will utilize it in a similar way.

P.S. My nodes do not have issues.


I am talking about:

  • Wrong used space
  • Botched migration to date directories
  • Failure to delete from botched date directories
  • Unrealiable bandwidth information
  • Non deleting of garbage as bloomfilters get deleted
  • Non updating of databases
  • Performing of database downgrades
  • and so on and so on.

My nodes do not have any, what am I doing wrong (I didn’t change anything for the last 3 years, they are simple works)?
This is not a sarcasm, I need to emulate all used setups to be ready how to help to solve an issue.

I would like to provide my current setup:

  1. Server with old I7 CPU (2009), 32 GB RAM, three free disks, 8TB, 2TB and 1TB (I have had a Pi with 2TB, but currently it’s dead).
  2. Run two docker nodes (Docker desktop for WIndows)
  3. One as a service (Windows GUI)

I don’t know.
Maybe some assumptions are to optimistic:

That would already have saved a lot of hassle with the issues that are currently getting repaird.

The current testing is a blessing. Should have done long ago and continously:

I am not the only one that is getting plagued with strange nested subfolders in the trash, deletion of bloomfilters, unrealiable bandwidth displays, database downgrades, non deletions due to mixed trash folder styles etc.

Perhaps I missed them and have only threads where you are posted your issues so far. And I think we need to figure out, why your nodes behave not like it was expected.

Here are some:


Do you (or mentioned users) have something like this now, after 1.104.5?

Like what? Please specify. So that I can check.
I still believe I have nodes that cannot delete garbage due to mixed trash folder situation.

US1 still has folders outside the date wise folders from April, 2024.

Node version v1.104.5

How is that how it should be:

ls /storage/trash/ukfu6bhbboxilvt7jrwlqk7y2tapb5d2r2tsmj2sjxvw5qaaaaaa
2024-04-22  2024-04-30  2024-05-10  2024-05-12  2024-05-13  2024-05-14  2024-05-16  2024-05-17  2024-05-18

or this

Having this too:

ls /storage/trash/ukfu6bhbboxilvt7jrwlqk7y2tapb5d2r2tsmj2sjxvw5qaaaaaa
2024-05-18  2r  3m  4h  5c  65  6y  7t  ao  bj  ce  d7  e2  ev  fq  gl  hg  ib  j4  jx  ks  ln  mi  nd  o6  oz  pu  qp  rk  sf  ta  u3  uw  vr  wm  xh  yc  z5  zy
2024-05-20  2s  3n  4i  5d  66  6z  7u  ap  bk  cf  da  e3  ew  fr  gm  hh  ic  j5  jy  kt  lo  mj  ne  o7  p2  pv  qq  rl  sg  tb  u4  ux  vs  wn  xi  yd  z6  zz
2024-05-22  2t  3o  4j  5e  67  72  7v  aq  bl  cg  db  e4  ex  fs  gn  hi  id  j6  jz  ku  lp  mk  nf  oa  p3  pw  qr  rm  sh  tc  u5  uy  vt  wo  xj  ye  z7
2024-05-25  2u  3p  4k  5f  6a  73  7w  ar  bm  ch  dc  e5  ey  ft  go  hj  ie  j7  k2  kv  lq  ml  ng  ob  p4  px  qs  rn  si  td  u6  uz  vu  wp  xk  yf  za
22          2v  3q  4l  5g  6b  74  7x  as  bn  ci  dd  e6  ez  fu  gp  hk  if  ja  k3  kw  lr  mm  nh  oc  p5  py  qt  ro  sj  te  u7  v2  vv  wq  xl  yg  zb
23          2w  3r  4m  5h  6c  75  7y  at  bo  cj  de  e7  f2  fv  gq  hl  ig  jb  k4  kx  ls  mn  ni  od  p6  pz  qu  rp  sk  tf  ua  v3  vw  wr  xm  yh  zc
24          2x  3s  4n  5i  6d  76  7z  au  bp  ck  df  ea  f3  fw  gr  hm  ih  jc  k5  ky  lt  mo  nj  oe  p7  q2  qv  rq  sl  tg  ub  v4  vx  ws  xn  yi  zd
25          2y  3t  4o  5j  6e  77  a2  av  bq  cl  dg  eb  f4  fx  gs  hn  ii  jd  k6  kz  lu  mp  nk  of  pa  q3  qw  rr  sm  th  uc  v5  vy  wt  xo  yj  ze
26          2z  3u  4p  5k  6f  7a  a3  aw  br  cm  dh  ec  f5  fy  gt  ho  ij  je  k7  l2  lv  mq  nl  og  pb  q4  qx  rs  sn  ti  ud  v6  vz  wu  xp  yk  zf
27          32  3v  4q  5l  6g  7b  a4  ax  bs  cn  di  ed  f6  fz  gu  hp  ik  jf  ka  l3  lw  mr  nm  oh  pc  q5  qy  rt  so  tj  ue  v7  w2  wv  xq  yl  zg
2a          33  3w  4r  5m  6h  7c  a5  ay  bt  co  dj  ee  f7  g2  gv  hq  il  jg  kb  l4  lx  ms  nn  oi  pd  q6  qz  ru  sp  tk  uf  va  w3  ww  xr  ym  zh
2b          34  3x  4s  5n  6i  7d  a6  az  bu  cp  dk  ef  fa  g3  gw  hr  im  jh  kc  l5  ly  mt  no  oj  pe  q7  r2  rv  sq  tl  ug  vb  w4  wx  xs  yn  zi
2c          35  3y  4t  5o  6j  7e  a7  b2  bv  cq  dl  eg  fb  g4  gx  hs  in  ji  kd  l6  lz  mu  np  ok  pf  qa  r3  rw  sr  tm  uh  vc  w5  wy  xt  yo  zj
2d          36  3z  4u  5p  6k  7f  aa  b3  bw  cr  dm  eh  fc  g5  gy  ht  io  jj  ke  l7  m2  mv  nq  ol  pg  qb  r4  rx  ss  tn  ui  vd  w6  wz  xu  yp  zk
2e          37  42  4v  5q  6l  7g  ab  b4  bx  cs  dn  ei  fd  g6  gz  hu  ip  jk  kf  la  m3  mw  nr  om  ph  qc  r5  ry  st  to  uj  ve  w7  x2  xv  yq  zl
2f          3a  43  4w  5r  6m  7h  ac  b5  by  ct  do  ej  fe  g7  h2  hv  iq  jl  kg  lb  m4  mx  ns  on  pi  qd  r6  rz  su  tp  uk  vf  wa  x3  xw  yr  zm
2g          3b  44  4x  5s  6n  7i  ad  b6  bz  cu  dp  ek  ff  ga  h3  hw  ir  jm  kh  lc  m5  my  nt  oo  pj  qe  r7  s2  sv  tq  ul  vg  wb  x4  xx  ys  zn
2h          3c  45  4y  5t  6o  7j  ae  b7  c2  cv  dq  el  fg  gb  h4  hx  is  jn  ki  ld  m6  mz  nu  op  pk  qf  ra  s3  sw  tr  um  vh  wc  x5  xy  yt  zo
2i          3d  46  4z  5u  6p  7k  af  ba  c3  cw  dr  em  fh  gc  h5  hy  it  jo  kj  le  m7  n2  nv  oq  pl  qg  rb  s4  sx  ts  un  vi  wd  x6  xz  yu  zp
2j          3e  47  52  5v  6q  7l  ag  bb  c4  cx  ds  en  fi  gd  h6  hz  iu  jp  kk  lf  ma  n3  nw  or  pm  qh  rc  s5  sy  tt  uo  vj  we  x7  y2  yv  zq
2k          3f  4a  53  5w  6r  7m  ah  bc  c5  cy  dt  eo  fj  ge  h7  i2  iv  jq  kl  lg  mb  n4  nx  os  pn  qi  rd  s6  sz  tu  up  vk  wf  xa  y3  yw  zr
2l          3g  4b  54  5x  6s  7n  ai  bd  c6  cz  du  ep  fk  gf  ha  i3  iw  jr  km  lh  mc  n5  ny  ot  po  qj  re  s7  t2  tv  uq  vl  wg  xb  y4  yx  zs
2m          3h  4c  55  5y  6t  7o  aj  be  c7  d2  dv  eq  fl  gg  hb  i4  ix  js  kn  li  md  n6  nz  ou  pp  qk  rf  sa  t3  tw  ur  vm  wh  xc  y5  yy  zt
2n          3i  4d  56  5z  6u  7p  ak  bf  ca  d3  dw  er  fm  gh  hc  i5  iy  jt  ko  lj  me  n7  o2  ov  pq  ql  rg  sb  t4  tx  us  vn  wi  xd  y6  yz  zu
2o          3j  4e  57  62  6v  7q  al  bg  cb  d4  dx  es  fn  gi  hd  i6  iz  ju  kp  lk  mf  na  o3  ow  pr  qm  rh  sc  t5  ty  ut  vo  wj  xe  y7  z2  zv
2p          3k  4f  5a  63  6w  7r  am  bh  cc  d5  dy  et  fo  gj  he  i7  j2  jv  kq  ll  mg  nb  o4  ox  ps  qn  ri  sd  t6  tz  uu  vp  wk  xf  ya  z3  zw
2q          3l  4g  5b  64  6x  7s  an  bi  cd  d6  dz  eu  fp  gk  hf  ia  j3  jw  kr  lm  mh  nc  o5  oy  pt  qo  rj  se  t7  u2  uv  vq  wl  xg  yb  z4  zx

Excuse me but this mess is outraging.

Do you have data inside these folders?
Especially when the root one is a way before the current date (more than 7 days)?

Please note all my nodes are on min. 1.104.5

Yes there is data in all the folders outside the date folders.

I never had the issue with trash myself, but I do recognize that this issue exists and was caused by an unintended downgrade because of how Storj managed the rollout.

However, there are several topics on the trash issue already and this doesn’t belong in the test data topic.


I have have alot of issues specially if using lazy filewalker. I dont know why alexey always argues, you have had alot of issues with stability period.


Because Storj believes its code is perfect while it isnt’t.


But none of this matters though. Nodes do their job, if some garbage is left behind here and there — does not matter. It’s better for bugs to manifest this way, as opposed to deleting something important. It’s a deliberate design choice.

All of the issues mentioned have to do with gimmicks: databases and graphs. Let’s nuke them. I don’t know about anyone else but I definitely don’t care about anything node has to report, other than OK/not OK. If there is an use I’ll check logs. Bandwidth, ingress, payments, — don’t care.

Please add a feature to disable the dashboard and data collection for dashboard. This will eliminate the whole class of problems.

Remember, storj got away from databases to manage storage because it’s unreliable approach on unreliable setups. And yet, there are a dozen of databases again to keep meaningless stats.

Nuke them. Leave one green box when all is Ok and red box with a button to download logs when it isn’t. That’s it. All problems solved.