Extend available data from Debug API

Hey, could you guys extend the debug endpoint for prometheus to include the datas available in the dashboard?

I think it would not make a big difference on the endpoint to add like a few extra data from payout page for example.

I know storj exporter is available ,but I do not prefer to install too many “external/extra” dockers on my server if it is not neccessary.


Could you elaborate what kind of data ? Give an example if you can.


and some metrics are already exposed in the Prometheus format on the debug port.

Hey @Alexey and @nerdatwork thanks for the reply.

Asfar as I know the node dashboard API does not provide a prometheus compatible endpoint so it cannot be used as the node debug endpoint which has multiple supported format. So maybe the node dashboard could have something like this, so it could be used in the same way on both point (node debug and dashboard).

Yes, im aware of the storj-exporter project, but as i mentioned if possible i think it would be better and safer to have a built in prometheus compatible endpoint instead of running multiple extra dockers/scripts to gather the data.

@nerdatwork I would like to have access to payout information like current month 'Disk Avarage Month", how much is held back, what is the overall egress so basicly all the metrics which is used to calculate the payouts.

Also i think the debug endpoint may missing the Trash amount, Free amount or Satelite’s Online stats.

Yes, this is why the Prometheus Storj-Exporter is exist.

I would suggest to try the mentioned debug endpoint to explore what metrics it exposes.