Feature request: Add Tardigrade with Zapier (Integrate Tardigrade with Gmail, Slack, etc)


I would like to see these done automatically:

  • When a new file uploaded to Tardigrade, notification is sent to …
  • When a new attachment is sent to Gmail, it is uploaded to a bucket on Tardigrade

I am thinking an integration like these:

Since Tardigrade is said to be able to replace Amazon S3, these kind of integrations should be available, and also appreciated.

For more information, please have a look at:

Depending on how configurable the Zapier integration is you may already be able to do this using the S3 gateway. Should this idea be interpreted as a native implementation instead?

I can see some challenges around management of encryption keys etc., but that would be for the developers to figure out then.

I am sorry, but I am not quite sure on this point. It seems that with API you would be able to connect Tardigrade with Zapier.

Zaps are built of steps—or functions that take input, communicate with an API, and return output. Users build Zaps from two or more steps from integrations. The first step is always the trigger, that watches for new or updated data every few minutes (with polling triggers) or when your APIs tells us to (with subscription triggers), and starts the Zap. Subsequent steps—or actions—then use that data to find or add items to an app, with search actions to find data with GET calls or create actions to add new items with PUT or POST calls.

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