Pipedream integration

Similar to Feature request: Add Tardigrade with Zapier, an integration with Pipedream would be really useful.

Compare their existing support for S3.

And here’s a feature request on their end if anyone wants to go +1 or weigh in :grin:

Looks like there might be a limitation on the Pipedream end of things.

Apps are code templates that can be used in steps. So the same run time constraints apply meaning that the NPM packages to use can’t rely on Go or build from source.

To me, this suggests we would need a pure JavaScript version of uplink-nodejs library for this to work as is today.

Yep, that’s the case.

Looks like there was a pure JS version, but I assume it doesn’t work anymore?

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Looks like that was for the V2 network. V3 was a from the ground up redesign, so no, it won’t work.


Correct. That was written for the v2 network and as BrightSilence points out, we’re currently running on the v3 network.

Providing a pure JS version of libuplink would also require a pure JS version of DRPC, our RPC framework (I started this last year, but haven’t had a chance to get back to it GitHub - mjpitz/drpc-node: (WIP) NodeJS implementation of drpc).