Feb 7, 2022: Ethereum Layer 1, zkSync, and Polygon Payouts for the month of January are now complete

Hello! Payouts for the completed month of January are complete.

For layer 1 payments, we paid 204 unique wallet addresses. All of these wallet addresses earned enough that the fee wasn’t more than 25% of the payout amount. As a reminder, we are planning to further restrict this minimum payout threshold to 10% in the coming months. As stated in prior months, there was no specific minimum, but it appears the pipeline paid everyone who earned $66 or more. So if you earned below $66 and did not specify zkSync or Polygon, unfortunately you’ll have to wait for next month.

For zkSync payments, we paid 1256 unique wallet addresses. Everyone who opted into zkSync got a 10% bonus (and will again next month)! Thanks for participating in the future of Ethereum scaling with us!

And introducing, this month, Polygon payments!! We paid 38 unique wallet addresses through Polygon. Thank you to the community for asking for this. We will be adding this to documentation soon, but if you’re interested in learning how to enable this, please see last month’s forum post.

Across both layers, we paid 1498 unique addresses. If you did not get paid and did not opt into zkSync, we’ll hang on to your payment in case fees drop next month or you accrue more.

As always, if you have more questions, please make sure you’ve read through our mega FAQ.

Thanks again everyone!


this time I got my storj somehow strange way, I got it from Zsynk but to L1. Usualy i have transaction L1 to L1.

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Oh, that’s true, we did try a new method for layer 1 payments this month. As mentioned in the FAQ (under “Why does Storj prefer to pay in STORJ token instead of Ether?”), we’re on the lookout for ways to do layer 1 payments in ways where fees are paid in STORJ instead of Ether. This month, we only paid STORJ for fees, as zkSync handled the layer 1 transactions for us.


I just realized something today I didnt know this But I had gotten paid though Zksync to crypto.com on L2 Which is very odd to me cause I didnt think they even supported it on L2.

Im not even opted into zksync because I refuse to use it. So im very suprised this worked.


To receive payout via zkSync you must opt-in for it, there is no other way.
Or you just want to promote some random exchange?

I got paid on binance chain and polygon too. Most are spam but one is an airdrop.
Have you been air dropped?

Please check to make sure the Binance Chain token you are speaking of is not the known scam

The real Storj token contract can be viewed here


I’m 100% sure i’m not opted into zksync, because like I said I refused to use it. I only opted into polygon on 2 of my nodes. I am not here to promote anything I just say it how it is. Why would I opt for zksync if i know the exchange doesn’t support it in the first place that makes zero sense.

Were you one of the first 50 to respond to the survey? The payouts for that were all done on zkSync.

Yeah I did the survey but no I didnt use the exchange address to fill it out, So that is out of the question cause I knew it had to support zksync to receive it. But what I dont understand is that the contract address is zksync but its on L1 but on L2 so I dont know how that works.

Ooh, I know what you’re referring to. This is because with the last payout cycles they used reserves on L2 to do the payout. But in order to get it into L1 wallets, they used the zkSync withdrawal feature. Hence why the source of the tokens on L1 was the zkSync contract.

Shouldn’t matter on your end as you still received tokens on L1 like normal.


Ok so it wasnt based on if I was opt into zksync or not it was just a way to combine all the payouts to everyone under the same fee I guess.

Mostly from the same token reserve would be my guess. I’m pretty sure it would have been slightly more expensive to do it this way (though only about 2-3%). The transaction still happens on L1, but there is some additional stuff that needs to happen on top of the ERC-20 transaction. I don’t know the exact details of the process. Maybe they can more easily trigger it in batch through zkSync though.

Yea it looked like it was in a batch and it looks to be expensive 350 dollar fee

Well the fee you’re seeing is paid by the zkSync contract. Storj would have paid the withdrawal fee on L2 in STORJ tokens. Which is probably why they prefer doing it this way as it prevents them from having to convert STORJ to ETH.


Hmmm. In this case my payout of 50% more than i expected was from one of my non zksync storagenodes?
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Edit no i can’t work it out