Feb. 9, 2021: Monthly payouts for January 2021 have been sent

Monthly payouts for the month of January have been sent. We’re currently finalizing us2.tardigrade.io

As a reminder, the introduction of our new minimum payout threshold was announced last month. To determine if this threshold affects your node, please refer to our Feb. 8 Update on SNO Payouts and High Ethereum Gas Prices

If you have feedback or questions about your specific payout, contact https://support.storj.io/hc/en-us/requests/new

Thanks to all of you, we appreciate your support


I would like to suggest to add month and year so the post is easily searchable.

Title: Monthly payouts for January 2021 have been sent

When I search January 2021 payouts I would like this post to be shown first.


I actually had it that way and then was sorried it was too long. Since youre suggesting it though, I think thats a good reason to edit the title. Wait one moment, please!


Worked like a charm, thank you :slight_smile:


This posting sound like everything is ok and StorjLabs is sending their Payouts as normal and there is only applicated an “announced payout threshold”.

Even if you refer to the Topics about the Threshold and the High Gas-Prices there are some points to be clear (my opinion):

  • Most of SNOs did not receive any Payout the last two month. In my Opinion you cant say about “Monthly Payouts for January 2021 have been sent” - they simply don’t.
  • The announcement of the Threshold was 2 (!) days before the regular payment cycle in january (Payouts for December).
  • Feedback about this practise is a lot here in the forum …

Please don’t get me wrong and get this as the desired feedback.
Best wishes

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The threshold was there last month already so how is it 2 days before payment cycle?

Yeah, 2 days before the Payment Cycle last month, sorry, that wasnt formulated clearly :confused:
I have added this to my posting.

Yeah sure that wasn’t nice but how does that help the discussion about the payment for january?

Yes you are right, it does not directly help.
The Posting suggests everything is fine and before they apply the threshold there was an announcement weeks before and “as a reminder” everything is like it should be. I thought thats not like it is.
I would simply note, that in the eyes of a lot of storagenode-operators its not.

You are right, it doesnt help for the discussion about the payment of january 2021, but the situation is the same, the payouts of most storagenodes are still held back.

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I think everyone at storjlabs is aware that the situation is not fine and that almost everyone is unhappy about the situation. I’m pretty sure everyone at storjlabs is unhappy about the held back payouts too.
And I guess that won’t change anytime soon and some SNOs will stay unhappy as long as eth gas is too high for their payout (and they refuse the l2 option). It’s just not possible to make everyone happy and be financially viable. But I think it is obvious that everyone cares about solutions and storjlabs is actively working on the l2 solution as that was the best approach that could be found at the moment. (everyone else now coming up with a “better” approach, please search the forum before suggesting already discussed solutions again… Some things are legally or financially just not possible).

So yeah, nothing is fine and everyone knows it. But we have to pull ourselves together and get through it together. The pure complaints and anger are understandable, but not helpful.


I know that the complaints and anger does not directly help.
But they help indirectly.
I have an impression that there is not this problem awareness at storjlabs - simply because of the way they are dealing with this. They have stopped to take part of the discussion and they have moved not a centimeter to solve the actual problem. E.g. they could pay after 1 month of heldback - even if the payment is under the arbitrarily threshold. But nothing. Only the SNO is the dumb man and has to deal with the situation now.
So I think every complain is necessary to show them that they should take care of the situation.

But after all they are working on future improvements :wink:


I don’t think this is correct kevink. I think it is true for some people within storj (e.g. Alexey) but if it was true for the team he would have answers to questions that have been raised and not go by for weeks without being able to answer. Storj has shown themselves to be very “reactive” in nature and that is one of the issues causing pain now. To be perfectly honest I think there are some within storj that would like the smaller SNO’s to just go away - now.

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I think the correct wording would actually be “processed” since many payments have not actually been sent at all.
It would be interesting to compare the number of payments this month to November payments sent in December and December sent in January and see if the total number is still declining.

Storjlabs made >5000 transfers in December, <500 in January and 208 transfers in February. It’s hard to say how much usage was not compensated for, I estimate it around 25% in January and >35% in February.

I could understand the January one, even if it’s an emergency measure caused by lack of planning, the savings for storjlabs were more than substantial. But what happened in February is extremely concerning.

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Why? More small SNOs is better for the network.
In fact a common complaint is that the network prevents someone like me setting up a Petabyte.

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just look on ALL of these cheeky comments from the old users

We need all SNOs - small and big. The current implementation will not allow to be economical viable for big SNOs with only one physical place though because of attempt to decentralize data as much as possible. For example, some pieces of my files are placed in a New Zeeland and Australia even if I’m in Europe (I’m a Tardigrade user too, not only SNO :slight_smile:), this is perfectly shown on pieces map.
The big SNOs have own advantages and perhaps more reliable hardware or even high availability setup. But if it is in one physical place - it’s not desirable, so small SNOs are much better in this case.

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I suppose it depends on what is considered “small”. I wouldn’t expect myself to see people with sub 10TB storage staying around a long time.

Small like one of my node - only 780GB of available space.

Lol, well that certainly is small but what about the upper bounds of the small range? I’d still include up to 10TB in that.