Forum's Storj logo not visible in dark mode


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Thank you. I will pass this on


Seems to be fine for me:


Nevermind, browsercaches are sometimes not helpfull at all ^^

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That would have been too easy :smiling_face_with_tear:
They have been alerted and we hope to have this resolved soon
:notes: hold music :notes:


How’s this?

Still pretty subtle. Those who can see recommend something else.

@pfaffman Can we switch the STORJ text to white maybe? Or same shade of blue as the logo

I don’t know. I’m not involved in branding or marketing.

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Now it’s resolved. I thought my browser is acting wiered.

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Who’s messing with the Storj logo? I don’t like it. The round cloud was much nicer.

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None of the logos are really great at conveying what the matter is about. I’m not a logo export, but the old one was hard to decipher as a favicon, and the new one is admittedly a cloud, but with an … umbrella above?

The new one is more friendly to look at. That is a plus :slight_smile:


It looks like a cloud under a dome. Just like the tv show Under The Dome.

Everything under the dome is protected, here, the cloud.


Or the book by the same name, I see.

Interpreting logos is always a joy :slight_smile:

Still don’t like it. It dosen’t say “distributed”, “network”, “interconnected” like the previous one. And I can’t confidentaly click on it; it’s like half a button/icon. The round one was a full button. Disk drives are round also. Maybe a combination of a disk and a cloud?

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I don’t like the new logo either.

Old one was punchy, assertive, informative, recognizable, and to the point.

New one looks like an MRI of an overweight soggy sandwich. Weak, unoffensive, agreeable, unambitious, and ineffectual.

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at least the cloud is more clearly visible. yaaaay :partying_face:

The new logo is just sad. Whoever designed this should go seek a different profession.
The old logo was already bad and not catchy but ways better.

This gets only topped by the new website design which is just horrible.
A recipe for eye-cancer.

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Seema to be a trend to make logos very basic. A major bank here in the States recently did something similar. They even call it boring on purpose.

The reasoning is that logos need to go into tiny spaces om websites and social sites and apps, and the more complex logos break down and become difficult to see when shrunk or blended against various backgrounds.

I am not saying the current logo of a snow globe or brain is great. But I think it allows it to be used in a variety of media conditions that the old one did not allow for.

I remember doing advertising for Sony and there was a George Foreman Boxing game they had released and they wanted some resolutions increased because the ESRB logo was too fuzzy. I told them that I increased the resolutiom but all that did was make Foreman’s bald head look more shiny. They accepted it after that.


Lol. I think we can agree that it is meant to be a cloud. And true, it might be better suited for different media where the old logo failed. That’s also why the old logo was bad.
But now this looks like “just another cloud provider”. Which Storj isn’t.

Looks familiar.

But at least the old logo gave a hint on the distributed and decentralized nature of the business.


And this one literally gives me pain in my eyes:


It’s like that famous hypnotic spiral:

Can’t scroll that new website without my eyes hurting.
Whoever created that new website layout and signed it off should be fired.

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A round logo can be used anywere, even as photo profile. I used it in Whatsapp and drove my friends nuts, cuz they didn’t knew what it means :rofl:.
Agree that the old cloud was less visible, but it nedeed just to be bigger, with the rest of the design kept.

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