Garbage collector schedule

Hi guys…again.
What’s the schedule for garbage collector to run?
I have 0.5TB on trash in of my nodes for over 5 days now :frowning:

Seven days and they are gone so 2 more days.

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If all garabge is from the same Day.

What about blob*.partial files sitting in temp for 13 days?

I wonder the same.

If we do not get paid for trash, why does it need to take up space for 14 days? Why isn’t it deleted right away? It feels unfair that it is using resources if the node is full.

A bad actor on tardigrade can essentially upload massive data and submit a request to delete right away without incurring costs but in turn will create a burden on all the SNO with this delete policy.

What makes you think it takes 14 days ?

I do not think the number of days matter. Why is trash not deleted right away to free up space for uploads is the question. What is the purpose of the trash folder? Can deletes be undone?

A delete request has a timeout under which node has to delete data else garbage collector is called and data is moved to trash. Trash files are then deleted after 7 days.

A satellite may send a delete request by error and it can be fixed by restoring files from trash.

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They can’t. If a customer sends a delete request, the data won’t be moved to trash. The node will just delete it. Garbage collection only kicks in if for some reason that delete wasn’t processed correctly. The recent large amount of garbage collected was caused by a massive clean up of zombie segments on one of the testing satellites. These weren’t normal deletes and are unlikely to happen again at this scale.