How do I empty the trash?

Trash is currently roughly 5% of the “used” space. ~49 Gb in total.

I have been checking it and it’s not deleting itself. It just continues to grow. Any ideas on how I empty the trash folder?

I’m in my 6th month as a node operator if that matters at all.

Trash data remains in trash folder for 7 days, after which that space is freed up.

Here’s a few other posts where this was asked/discussed:

So short story, short: No action is required by you with regards to trash folder. Pieces that have been there past the “retention period” will be automatically removed and disk space becomes available once again for new uploads.


I understand what you are saying. That is not what is happening with my node. The trash folder just keeps getting bigger and bigger week after week. I have never seen it decrease at all let alone drop to zero.

There is just new trash flowing in as well. It definitely gets deleted after 7 days.


exactly what @BrightSilence said. The existing trash gets deleted, but if there continue to be more deletes then it may appear that the size is never shrinking.

to put it in perspective. here are a couple of graphs that show my “disk stats” which are cumulative of my six nodes over the past 30 days…

you can see in the trash line that it goes up as more deletes occur and then goes down after the 7 day period concludes, but I do understand what you are also saying…as you can see in my graph, there definitely has been an “up trend” in the amount of trash data over the past month…just means lots of deletes are occurring.

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This trash graph would make for a nice haircut.


I see now. Thank you all for the replies.