So, I just happened to have been looking at one of my nodes connections and saw a bunch of data coming in from, checked and it looks like this is a thing: StorJ GitBackup announcement
An older forum chain
And the site: (

Does anyone know how long they have been running, and if this might be related to the increase in ingress lately?

p.s. Excited about the users, and congrats to Tardigrade


It’s running a little bit earlier than mentioned announcement, but you can consider the date of announcement as a date of starting a project.


Nice !
Can’t wait for those PBs of data to start flowing into my node hahaha

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Drat! both my 4Tb nodes are full!
Guess I’ll be missing out for a while! lol

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Announcement date was Oct 18, 2019.
So it is running for over a year already?

Should be ingested already if running since 2019.