Give Feedback, Get Paid

Is there already something to test? Does the registration work somehow without a PayPal account?

No test yet. You can register without PP, if you don’t want to get paid.

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Hmm unfortunately i cannot complete the survey. My nodes run on VPS and RaspberryPi with Linux. Everything not to choose :hushed: :joy:

as a further option, maybe 32 or 64 architecture.

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ready to do but nothing to do yet.

I think it is more meant like on which devices can you check the dashboard, not run it. most of us run a node on linux but that linux doesn’t even have a screen or desktop. but we can check its dashboard from a windows device with firefox.


paypal… really you guys have your own crypto coin and you want to use paypal when addressing SNO’s that already have a crypto wallet and ongoing transactions…
deep breath
i think the marketing team might need some proper feedback, but not sure i’m in the mood for this level basic schooling.

the idea is interesting tho… kinda makes me wonder if that was what came out of the beta tester idea…


I thought the same thing…
I think it’s all the platform they use offers as means of payment but it still sticks out like a sour thumb.
Plus paypal is the worst, they can freeze your funds for basically whatever reason they come up with. Took me like a year to get the money I had on my old account they had frozen so I’m not too keen…

i’m sure they will change it to be done in storj… this is just another one of those ideas that was launched a bit before it was finished being born…

I thik it platform they use have only paypal posibilitie


Hey @Beddhist this is a question asks for signing up to be a participant; its ok if your nodes run on linux or other OS’s not listed! We are hoping to start some user tests next week and if you are selected for tests you will be emailed when we start posting them!

yea the only way does payments for tests is via paypal.

I understand that; I was just a little surprised that you don’t want to do testing on Linux.

Another thing: there are 2 versions of Edge now. I was not asked which one I have.