Global portal for SNO

How about a portal for node owner where they can:
1 log in
2 see all their nodes
3 see node statistics
4 see earnings per node
5 see total earnings
6 see how much STORJ TOKENS their nodes have generated
7 manage their own STORJ TOKENS payouts
8 let the node owners then pay for the eth transaction


Hello @banzai1975,
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If you like, I can move your idea to the voting category.
However, I would like to warn you - any such system will have problems with GDPR and analogues.


@banzai1975 Welcome to the forum!

That would be awesome!
& all this data (relatively) live (not only from last month or so)

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At the moment you can use the local dashboard for that:

It has all required information. Even TX id in the payout history.
In the future there would be a local multi-node dashboard, please take a look on roadmap:

If you would like to access it from the outside of your network, you can use this guide:

Welcome to the forums @banzai1975

The good news is that at least Storj Labs has internally thought about it and gone as far as to draft a design blueprint for it. You can see that here:

I can’t tell you what the priority of this idea is or whether it’s even still being worked on currently. But at least it is something that has gotten some attention.

If you could move this post to the SNO voting category we can vote for it and start showing our support for this idea. That may help prioritize it for the SNO Growth team.

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On case if you missed something - you are paid in STORJ tokens, not ETH.

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"At the moment you can use the local dashboard for that:

Does the above Dashboard give you a full view of all your nodes in ONE place?. Answer: NO
Does the above Dashboard give you the ability to manage your own ETH Cash outs?. Answer NO
Does the above Dashboard give you the ability to see your total ETH earnings across all your nodes in one central place?. Answer NO

I feel you are missing the point entirely here,
The point I am making is IF you have a central portal for SNO’s to manage all their nodes in one place as well as manage their own payouts then this withholding of ETH payouts will be a thing of the past as you can then charge the SNO the transaction fee and the onus will be on the SNO to accept that fee.

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Please, read again, you are paid in STORJ tokens, not ETH. You can’t withdraw ETH if you have only STORJ
Multinode dashboard in roadmap and should be implemented soon.

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This should not be hard to do, I can already envision a docker swarm with traefik as load balancer in-front of it to handle the load of multiple SNO’s access the system at the same time, the GDPR and analogues can be addressed quite easily, i am sure there are people in this community with GDPR experience that we can count on.

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also there will be problems with securety, as all exchenges has. Today storj resposible for they money on they account, and you resposible for your money on your account, as Storj make this portal, there will be your money on their account until you withdraw that to your accout. If massive hack will be made NO One want this problems.

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Keep the StorJ tokens in StorJ’s account, from the portal the SNO’s can request the funds to be released into their own StorJ wallet and agree to the transaction costs that comes off the STORJ Token’s held for the SNO by StorJ.

I agree no one wants this problem however where there is a problem there is always a solution.

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securety is always fight of arms who will make it better nothing is absolute.
if you want stats across all your node can use my

I use it to monitor my 25 nodes, show most needed stats, and earned pure incom by nodes