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  1. hi does anyone know how to fix so you don’t have to do this manually to move insert How much traffic disk and repairs There has been and gigabytes and how much you earn for a google document anyone know if it is possible to automate this Thanks in advance, hope you understand what I mean

you want a spreadsheet with how much you earned per month? year? automatic generated, instead of loocking in the dashboard under payout informations?

Its not clear at all what you want.

hey I’ll send a picture with it for how I mean I meant it should be put in once a month automatic it I’ll send a taken

and I want to add that it should be added automatically once a month so that last month’s paw

There is no such a tool. But you may use Prometheus and Grafana and add a table on Grafana with that data.
See Prometheus Storj-Exporter
I think I saw someone’s Grafana dashboard here on the forum with something similar.

You may try to search here: Search results for 'Prometheus Grafana' - Storj Community Forum (official)

Hello friend

I don’t run prometheus, and have a much simpler setup. I run the powershell script below at the end of each week:

Just populate the table with your own nodes, and you should be golden.
The script will return amount TB used pr node.

Function Get-StorJStats {

    $Nodes = @(

    $resultlist = [System.Collections.ArrayList]::new()

    Foreach ($Node in $Nodes){

        Write-Host "Retrieving node: $Node ... "  -NoNewline

            $ApiReturn     = Invoke-RestMethod "$Node/api/sno" -ErrorAction "SilentlyContinue"
            $CheckValue    = $ApiReturn.diskSpace.Used / 1000 / 1000 / 1000 / 1000

            if ($CheckValue -ge 1)
                $CleanValue = ([Math]::Round($CheckValue,2)).ToString()
                $CleanValue = ([Math]::Round($CheckValue,3)).ToString()

            Write-Host "OK"
            $CleanValue = "0"
            Write-Host "FAIL"


    Return $resultlist
  1. I use Linus Raspberry

Ok. You should be able to install Powershell using the guide below ↓

Otherwise, you’ll have to rewrite the above script to BASH, which can natively run in linux.

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