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It’s always sad to see someone go but “the little voice that makes me do bad things” says it’s more storage for my nodes… they desperately need filling up! :grin:

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Well, I share 10.5TB data and disks are almost full, and I have been running nodes for a while so I get 100% of income but still only get about $10-$20 / month. June payment was the lowest so far $14, and if it continues this way I’m out since powercost is $15 / month for my server where I live.

I have a dedicated Linux server running raid for StorJ and 500/500Mbit fiber conenction this should give more. :frowning: Wish that it would be more like $40-$50, then it would cover electricity for the server and half of my internet bill at least…

And another thing that bugs the hell out of me is that I have been with this project for a while now and have 100% ernings from almost all satellites, but as soon as they add a new one I have to start from scratch… New EU satellite and I’m on month 3 and only get 25%… That sucks when you are a longtime node runner.


have been with the project for quite a while too.

I tend to agree with some of what is said here, the motivation to keep going as an SNO goes up and down from time to time. The income is low and unreliable, but this is to be expected. Sometime there are tests, sometime there are no tests, customer traffic if any is low too it seems. Lots of ingress though filling up everybody’s drives…

Let’s hope that the coming months will be better, or maybe storj will do another surge campaign or more extensive testing that produces some download (earnings) for SNOs

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If you run dedicated server to be profit, you need tu put it full of HDDs to nodes to be profit.
On 1 HDD, best case is Raspberry.


From calculations made on different thread you will get ~70kB/s per each TB stored.
So if you have ~10 TB - then your egress would be around
70GB/Day x 30 days x $20/TB = 2.1TB*$20/TB = 42$
But If you say that you don’t get more than 20$ from 10TB of data … is kind of vibe killing…
How old is your node?

Second that. If you have dedicated server, why don’t you put as much HDD as you can?
(unfortunately with such a low egress per TB stored it is rather doubtful to have any incentive to invest more in HDDs)

My node is quite old, have 100% income from all satellites except two, one is 50% and the other 25% income. Those are the new satellites, have to start from scratch each time they add a new satellite. :frowning:

They also happen to be the satellites that are responsible for most testing. So you don’t get anywhere close to 100% payout currently. On average on my node the held percentage was 37% last month despite this node being 17 months old now. I’m guessing yours is similar. It probably even be more of your node is younger than mine. And recently my new smaller nodes have been receiving a large amount of the data on the new satellites. Which skews my old node towards more data on older sats than average. For your node it could be close to 50% held back. Which means you can double the numbers you mentioned to get the long term earnings. Quite a big difference.

I made GE from stefen Benten as storj not use it any more. So now I got very good money for upgrading.
I not invested money to Storj only my spear hardware, and then got some money and invested them to more hardware. All made step by step. Today i think about get more hardware from GE money.
At same time i got on old nodes fresh space for new sattelites data and thay make money to me.
Always need analize situation and make proper corrections.


What is your electricity price per kWh?

0.1164 eur /KW day
0.0660 eur/KW night

something like that this month.
But it change litle all time.


Wow, here we pay around 0.30/kWh and there are no night discounts

Move to Estonia then :slight_smile:


But this has no future. It does not make sense to sit around running servers and hope for test traffic.

I drank estonian beer yesterday, maybe that’s a good start ;D


It’s not the end goal obviously, but it’s useful to keep SNOs happy until more customers come on board.

Being a Tardigrade user, I would like to thank you guys for maintaining the storage available 24/7 with cheap cost. I have set up a script to back up database and upload it to Tardigrade daily, and I am satisfied with the current implementation quite well. See: Please help - Backing up database used for Rocket.Chat and uploading to - #9 by Andisers

It sounds sad to me that the service has involved someone’s loss. I hope this project would eventually achieve the good economics, create a win-win situation, and be available for a long time.

Dear SNOs, please keep up the nice work! Please don’t forget that your contribution is appreciated by a small user like me :smile:


It does not solve the underlying issue - storage revenue is low, and this is why SNOs are pulling out.
Egress/storage ratios I see on customer satellites look more or less okay, but the sample size is very low so I can’t be sure this keeps up.

I dont know any service that offers better prices for you HDD storage… (otherwise I might try it :smiley:)

Storj is not profitable. I disconnected my nodes yesterday with 800 gb used generating about 10 cents a day. Good luck to all :slight_smile: