Guide on how to set up Storj Walllet with myetherwallet

Hi, I have set up a wallet for storj with myetherwallet. It would be nice to know if there is a minimum amount of etherum I need in the wallet before I can receive payments.


You don’t need to have any Ethereum on your wallet to receive STORJ tokens. But you need to have a small amount of Ethereum, if you want to move your tokens (any) from your wallet.
You can read about wallets and STORJ tokens here: How do I hold STORJ? What is a valid address or compatible wallet?
You can read the setup walkthrough here: Wallet address for storagenode
How to transfer ERC20 tokens (include STORJ) you can read here: How to transfer any ERC20 or any ERC tokens using MyEtherWallet?


Instead of MyEtherWallet I would recommend MyCrypto. Same functionality but a lower risk to get scammed by a phishing site.


I’m prefer the Metamask. It could be used as a standalone wallet or protector.

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Hi !
I have a MyEtherWallet wallet, as suggested on this page.
I would like to sell my STORJ coins but I’m a little bit lost on the procedure.

I managed to connect to my wallet through MEW.
So now, I suppose that I have to send a transaction to another address but I don’t have any gas.
How can I have some?

It would be very nice if we could have a step by step guide to know how to sell our earned STORJ coins. I know it’s very simple for a lot of cryptocurrencies enthusiast but it’s a little bit confusing for other people.

Thank you so much!

You should have a little amount of ETH to move your tokens. You can buy some on your local exchange or even on the MyEtherWallet site.
Then you can sell your tokens either on centralized exchanges from this list:

Or on the instant exchanges like Changelly or similar to Bitcoin or ETH, then you can sell BTC or ETH on your local exchanges. The Google can help to find them, it’s highly depends on your location.
Some of instant exchanges can exchange tokens directly to fiat, but mostly takes BTC or ETH.

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I’m sorry, I’m stuck.
On my MEW account, I can:

  • Send transactions to an address but I can only specify ETH.
  • Swap between several currencies: EUR, STORJ, BTC, ETH, etc.

I have a Kraken account (cryptocurrency exchange in which I have already some BTC and LTC coins).

What should I do change my STORJ into EUR?

Thank you very much for your help

Hi @jeremyfritzen - sorry you are feeling stuck. It sounds like your next step is to check out the list of exchanges upthread? It is linked in Alexey’s post (#5 on this thread).

Not really.
Actually, I don’t know what to do.

Once I buy ETH on kraken (or other crypto exchange listed in the link above), what should I do? Send it to my wallet address listed on my MEW wallet?
And then what? It’s not possible to send transactions from STORJ to ETH or EUR.
Do I have to swap STORJ with ETH?
And then?

Is it possible to have a step by step guide?

I do like this.
I have Mew and coinbase.
On coinbase you can withdraw to us/eu
To withdraw,

Swap your storj to us/eu with the swap function.
You can swap to your mew account or coinbase.

The onlything is that you got to have some eth om mew to pay the exchange fee

Sorry, I don’t get it.
Your STORJ coins are on MEW. So how can you use coinbase to swap STORJ to EUR (or US)?

That’s actually my problem. I have 469 STORJ on but can’t use the swap function. It says “you don’t ahve enough funds”
How did you get some ETH on your MEW?

Coudl you explain how you proceed, step by step please (from MEW, where my STORJ coins are stored)?


in MEW walet take walet number and send some Ether there. Then you can use Swap function and durig swap also can send it to other Account like coinbase, where you can change them to US/EUR and send to your banc account. Swaping to Ether looks like cheper than to BTC, also sending is cheper and faster.
But may be someone correct me and have some better way.

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Thank you! I’ll give it a try tomorrow!

Just like @vadim Said👍.
Of you need more in depth step by step let me know.

I sent some ETH on my MEW ETH address.
Now, I can either

  • swap STORJ to ETH (to my address on Kraken)
  • send STORJ directly to my ETH address (on kraken), without swapping

Is there any difference between these 2 procedures?
What will I receive on my ETH address on kraken if I send STORJ to it?

Thanks again!

I recommend using Exodus it allows you to see your tokens much easier, You can also exchange storj to anything from inside exodus as well.

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I would for sure exchange it to ETH before sending to kraken.

If you do this you will loose access to your tokens because kraken doesnt allow access to private keys so it will be gone forever.


Everything worked perfectly!
Thank you all for your help!

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Hi Alexey,
the link you are providing is broken. Im little confused about creating STORJ token.

Hello @linkomaniac ,
Welcome to the forum!

You do not need to register a STORJ token in MEW, it will be recognized automatically.
The article has been moved to there: Wallet address for storagenode – Storj
It’s little bit outdated regarding screenshots, but is correct in general.
You can also check their docs: MyEtherWallet | MEW