Guide on how to set up Storj Walllet with myetherwallet

Hi, I have set up a wallet for storj with myetherwallet. It would be nice to know if there is a minimum amount of etherum I need in the wallet before I can receive payments.

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I dont actually know that off the top of my head! let me ask a coworker, although I think they amy not see it instantly (its night time here)

You don’t need to have any Ethereum on your wallet to receive STORJ tokens. But you need to have a small amount of Ethereum, if you want to move your tokens (any) from your wallet.
You can read about wallets and STORJ tokens here: How do I hold STORJ? What is a valid address or compatible wallet?
You can read the setup walkthrough here: Wallet address for storagenode
How to transfer ERC20 tokens (include STORJ) you can read here: How to transfer any ERC20 or any ERC tokens using MyEtherWallet?


Instead of MyEtherWallet I would recommend MyCrypto. Same functionality but a lower risk to get scammed by a phishing site.

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I’m prefer the Metamask. It could be used as a standalone wallet or protector.

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