Can someone explain to me payout like I'm 5?

So I setup my node and it’s been running for a while. Now, I understand that a payout will take much more time than I’ve been operating my node but I’d like to understand what to do or what will happen when it does come time to get a payout.

As I said, I only setup the node and a ERC20 supported wallet. I did not opt in for what is called zkSync which I haven no idea what it is other than it has lower fees as per: Payout - Storj Node Operator Docs

My goal when receiving a payout is to get it in USD. How do I do that? Please explain how everything would work and what I need to do like I’m 5.

As you can see, this topic is overwritten. Search can help: Search results for 'to fiat' - Storj Community Forum (official)


Thank you, it helped me understand it a bit better. Though, could you explain the difference between zkSync Era and zkSync?

zkSync (Lite) is a first version of their L2 protocol and it’s not fully EVM-compatible, see

To see a balance and transfer tokens you need to use their web3-application
See Tutorials | zkSync Documentation
It has an own block explorer:

zkSync Era is a second version of their L2 protocol and it’s fully EVM-compatible, so much more Web3 applications can work with it without changes in the code, see

You may configure your current Ethereum-compatible wallet (i.e. MetaMask) to see a balance and make transfers to Ethereum (L1) with their zkSync Era Bridge | Transfer funds between zkSync Era Network and Ethereum Mainnet

It has an own block explorer:

zkSync Lite has a one-time activation fee, while zkSync Era doesn’t have it. STORJ token is currently added only in zkSync Lite, but it’s expected to be added to zkSync Era as well, see zkSync Era payments

You may configure your current Ethereum-compatible wallet (i.e. MetaMask) to see a balance and make transfers to Ethereum (L1) with their zkSync Era Bridge | Transfer funds between zkSync Era Network and Ethereum Mainnet

I got to this point and I got the following error when clicking connect on this site after scanning the barcode with my wallet app:

Insufficient ETH balance on Ethereum Mainnet to cover the fee. We recommend having at least 0.0044424546576 ETH on Mainnet for deposit.

I’ve opted in for zkSync Era and zkSync as the fallback. I thought it had no activation fee?

I am tired, was clicked on the deposit tab. Ignore this comment.

When settings up the wallet and scan the barcode, do I select Etherium or zkSync Era for the first drop down network option?

Yes, it doesn’t. Seems you have tried to transfer something?
It’s better to check it when you would receive STORJ tokens via L2.
You can check it on the block explorer accordingly used version of zkSync for your wallet address first.

depends on what’s barcode and to where do you want to transfer. If you want to transfer from zkSync Era to Ethereum, you need to use their bridge, otherwise it will be transferred via zkSync Era to the destination address on L2.

But first you need to have a balance in any case.

You might want to reconsider this goal: this is the most expensive (conversion to cash is associated with high fees) and time consuming route (if anything, it requires going through Know Your Customer process at the exchange you select).

Instead you might want to keep the payout in cryptocurrencies and use it to pay for other services you are using but paying with fiat today, either directly (bitpay) or via gift cards (bitrefill).

This is an excellent guide to this process: March 2023: what is easiest and cheapest way to exchange STORJ tokens at ZKSync wallet - #10 by CutieePie and this is small adjustment: March 2023: what is easiest and cheapest way to exchange STORJ tokens at ZKSync wallet - #29 by donald.m.motsinger


The barcode is from the site you linked to connect my wallet: zkSync Era Bridge | Transfer funds between zkSync Era Network and Ethereum Mainnet

After scanning the barcode from the link above, I am presented with the following: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Do I select Ethereum or zkSync Era for the first field?

In the connect window you should switch from the Ethereum Mainnet to the zkSync Era Mainnet and tap Connect, it will authenticate you on the bridge.
However, it doesn’t matter right now, until you would receive tokens to your zkSync Era account, because there will be a zero balance.
You may also navigate to a portal right from the mobile Wallet, most of them has a browser feature, so you would not need a PC to operate with almost any Web3 applications.

Do I not need this to be setup for me to receive a payment?
Also, is it even worth opting in for zkSync Era if it doesn’t receive Storj token yet? Should I just opt in for zkSync only since it does accept it?

Also, my wallet app crashes when selecting zkSync Era and clicking connect but not when selecting Ethereum.

You don’t need to set it up to receive payouts. Tokens will be sent to the specified address using wallet features accordingly their order.

Yes, if you want to get them there soon, it’s some kind of voting system. Our engineers will see, how many Operators want to receive payouts using zkSync Era. It may increase a priority when it would be implemented.

I guess you use the MEW wallet, it crashes for me too unfortunately. You need to contact authors of this app and let them know about this issue.
However, I was able to connect using a MetaMask wallet (it can use the same seed phrase to access your addresses), but it doesn’t have a zkSync Era Mainnet network by default, so I added it manually using their guide and provided parameters.
You may also connect from the MEW wallet using its integrated browser and navigate to, this way you will have an access directly from your smartphone.
It’s also work this way from the MetaMask wallet too.

As a workaround you can use the in-wallet browser to access exchanges and dapps, in this case the wallet connect is working seamlessly (no need to scan codes back and forth) and is stable, that never failed to me.

I second MetaMask is more stable, but MEW is much more pleasant to use :slight_smile:

Thank you for all of that info.
So since zkSync isn’t implemented yet, will any and all payouts be put into normal zkSync since that’s how I have it setup as a fallback in my run command?

Thank you for the workaround.

Yes, the priority in the wallet features parameter is used to sent payouts.
If the order is: zksync-era,zksync, it will be processed accordingly: as soon as zkSync Era integration would be ready, you will receive payout there, otherwise to zkSync Lite address, otherwise to Ethereum (L1) address (but in the last case the possibility to send payout depends on Minimum Payout Threshold for a given month on Ethereum).

One last thing. So as I understand it, there’s no minimum threshold for zkSync payouts. Does this mean whatever I earn each month will be payed out?

Yes, and you also will get a bonus

Thank you for all the info and helping me understand it.

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I’m posting my question here instead of opening a new topic. When does payment data update on the dashboard? I saw that the payments were issued yesterday