What exchange and wallet do you personally use?

I was wondering what payout services and wallet you guys use to get paid.

I haven’t paid any attention to the payout methods yet. I created a “local” wallet, so not something on coinbase or anything.

I have not opted in for zksynk because as far as I understand it, I have to swap that back to L1 to cash out and pay an additional fee for that.

Now I have around 80 storj coins in my eth wallet and want to change that get real dirty old FIAT money :wink:
Not because it is a lot of money but more because I am interested in the procedure.

After some “research” I found kraken to be one exchange that accepts the Storj token and has pretty low FIAT withdrawal fees for my country.

Now my problem is, that to transfer these tokens to kraken I would need to have eth to pay gas. Which made me think, if I would be better of by using the kraken wallet instead and save transaction fees. I don’t believe in HODL, look at Storj as an utility token and will always cash out. So the risk of loosing my wallet (not your keys, not your money) at kraken is a risk I am willing to take if that saves me transaction fees.

How do you guys handle it?

I use a local wallet and Bitstamp. Why Bitstamp? I have use it for a long time for BTC so I just use it instead of creating an account on another exchange.
I don’t think I ever sold STORJ for fiat, I usually exchange STORJ to ETH when I think that the exchange rate is good. To do that I either use Bitstamp or one of the “instant” exchanges that do not require an account.

I HODL most of the time though. For me, it is a bit too much of a bother to sell ~50EUR worth of tokens each month if I do not really need that money right now and sometimes STORJ:ETH exchange rate is quite good, because it seems that the STORJ:EUR exchange rate does its own thing and does not really follow BTC:EUR or ETH:EUR exhange rate.


i have 2 nodes, the 1st is ~2years old, all income going to a myeth wallet. the 2nd node is ~8 months old and the income going to binance wallet/account (mostly for “testing”, the income is too low about ~3$ per month

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Note that this is against Node T&C, point 5:

Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, you will not: […] Operate more than one (1) Storage Node using different Payment Addresses for each Storage Node;

Seems you need to operate at least three nodes, two of them sharing one payment address, to be compliant if you want many addresses :wink:


I am currently using Binance. When monthly Storj payout arrives, I convert it to € so that I can pay with Binance Visa Card in a supermarket or in an eshop. It is a small amount though (~20 €/month), and because my Storj HDDs are filled up increasing the monthly Storj payout would require HDD upgrades (and probably an upgrade of the SSD which is caching the HDDs).

I use zksync lite option. With metamask wallet.
And recently the zigzag exchange to convert to storj/usdc and usdc/eth.
Then i let it rest and accumulate until i decide what to do with it.

Propably sending it back to L1 on coinbase (where i got my first ether from) for fiat or more likely to the metamask wallet L1 to stake it at stakewise.
Maybe i bridge it partialy to immutable L2 when gas is low to spend it on Gods unchained (play to earn and free to play) trading cards game (nfts you can mint and own ingame) to play with.

I use Guarda as my primary wallet, but have recently finally set up zKsync with Metamask, just to see what it is all about.

Otherwise, I’ve used my Storj account wallet to receive funds, since I use it for backups.