How to get Storj to USD (fiat)?

With access removed from for United State citizens.
Which they started, don’t believe they have added Storj yet.

How are SNOs getting their STORJ transferred into USD?

If you can, how are you doing it? What are the fees associated?

Not familiar with CoinBene, this might be the easiest way.
Looking into this to see if it’s a sanctioned exchange by the US Government.
Comment on this if you know.

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I use as wallet, and swap them there directly to Ether and send to coinbase, there i sell to Eur and to my bank account.

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What is the total transaction fees you pay?

  1. Storj to Eth [?]
  2. Eth to Coinbase [1.49%]
  3. Coinbase to Fiat [1.49%]

is that correct?

it is swaping fee is very small, at swaping time it send to coinbase already not to myether walet.
but there is minimum amount to exchange. And dont exchange to BTC it is more expencive, and transactions are expencive, and take long time.
And one thing you need to have Ether to make swap or tranaction. it is needed 1-2$ for some times.

Typically LTC-litecoin is cheaper to move around. Guess I’ll try this route!


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Myetherwallet | MEW uses Changelly for the crypto swap. They charge 0.25%

There is a minimum of 303 STORJ you have to have before you can swap.

There is no minimum for withdraws or deposits besides needing a minimum 0.000441 ETH for the transaction.
Currently 0.000441 ETH = $0.112257

Coinbase 1.49% if you use ACH vs 3.99% using a credit card

Swap = 0.25%
Transfer = $0.113
Payout = 1.49%

All prices are subject to change

For $100.00 would cost $1.862257 giving you: $98.13


i use poloniex, that’s a american exchange right?

Yes and currently invested (I think owned) by Justin Sun (founder of Tron)

i do not get what you are trying to say.

is it not safe?

I personally think its safe. I have come across reports of KYC info of users from Polo, Binance being sold on black market so no exchange is 100% safe. If you buy and sell without leaving anything in exchange’s wallet then you are more safe IMO.

Poloniex shut down U.S.A. operations. No U.S. citizens can use it anymore.

Changelly is best for converting into a most popular crypto and directly into your wallet of choice.

Which you can do directly from MEW