Guide to install Storj on synology

is there any guide to install storj on a synology?
I have installed docker and I have download the image storjlabs/storagenode
I am somehow lost on what to do next and how to configure it properly
any help?
Thank you in advance

ok, I think I manage to progress the installation, the container is in a status of restarting… all the time, I think I missed one step that is creating an identity, if I use this command identity create storagenode vis ssh on the synology I get the error command not found, how can I create it on the synology?

You shouldn’t create it on the synology, it would take quite long on those low powered chips. Just create it on your desktop/laptop using the binary for that OS.

Instructions are here:

As for installation on Synology. It’s just installing docker from the package center, SSH into the machine and follow the instructions here.

Just need to follow the process as in, and go to CLI Install

thank you naxbc, I don’t think the docummentation is ok for a Synology, I think I did all good but the container keeps restaring

in the instructions, I don’t have the and storage dir in the synology interface, so I tried to use the command line but maybe I am inserting the wrong paths, it will be great if we have documentation that explains this steps.

there is also in the synology interface a path which comes by default /usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin and I am not sure if this is ok

there is also a GOARCH but no information of what is this for

at the end, the container does not start and keeps restarting

It is good, believe me, I have 2 Synology 412+ running as SNO´s just fine.
First things first:

Is your Synology compatible with Docker?
Is Docker installed via Package Manager?
Did you create a folder for Data and another for Identity within the Syn Volume?

ok naxbc, so if you can manage to help me make it work I will give you a huge virtual hug :slight_smile:

Is your Synology compatible with Docker?
yes I have a 412+ as well

Is Docker installed via Package Manager?
yes, i have install via packages manager

Did you create a folder for Data and another for Identity within the Syn Volume?
I created the data folder as /volume1/docker/Storj
and I created the Identity on /volume1/docker/Storj/identity-dir

does it look good?

Ok, perfect.
How many files do you have on your Identity folder?

I have this

Yeah, you completely skipped the part of signing the identity :slight_smile:
Do you have a more powerful computer to do it to avoid doing it in the Synology?
Because if you do it on the Synology it will take a long time, days perhaps.

Also, this is what you need:

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I think what happen is that when I created the identity it placed the files in another folder, I will try to create the shared folders like you have and move this files there, might be that no?


naxbc, thank you so much for your help, I moved the certs above to the correct directory and now all is good

I have to solve now the problem of port forwarding but it should be working soon, thank you so much for your help

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You´re welcome. Rock on, welcome to the party :sunglasses:

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Sorry for late Answer…
But maybe interesting for running a Storagenode on a Synology NAS (even if written in german):

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Is there some advantage to using this versus just running docker on synology?

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