Have points on graphs for mouse pointer current location if located on the graph

It would be nice to have a point show up on the graph to signify the point on the graph where the tooltip is shown and where your pointer is. Currently it’s just blindly showing the tooltip.

Already suggested here almost a year ago.


Ah thanks, I was looking for something related but didn’t know what to type. That was for lines though which it does have, but they’re very faint as was mentioned, they should fix that. Somebody did mention the points too. So this is just for points, very simple and easy to add.

Technically the points are there but there’s a display issue. The ‘arrow’ and dot have the incorrect z-index, compared to the line graph canvas.

If you’re so inclined to see the dots you can set the .bandwidth-chart z-index to 0 from 102:




I assumed one would put it there, but how nobody noticed it isn’t actually shown? Would take a minute to fix.

For @storj peeps the correct change to make this work is:

#egress-tooltip-arrow {
z-index: 9999;
#egress-tooltip-point {
z-index: 9999;

#ingress-tooltip-arrow {
z-index: 9999;

#ingress-tooltip-point {
z-index: 9999;

The equivalent is required for the other tooltip arrows and points too.


You should make a PR for the same.


I got fed up of waiting for someone to fix this, so I made a Github account, edited the file as necessary, created my first ever pull request, signed the CLA. Now it keeps telling me that I need to request a manual review to add me to the approved contributors list - so how do I ask for the manual review??

FYI - I don’t know how to use Github.


You will have to wait for someone to add you to the CLA list.

CONGRATULATIONS on your first PR. Welcome to the group :slight_smile:

If you get stuck using any feature just ask.


It seems to be moving along now. @stefanbenten gave it a push.


@Stob thank you very much for your effort in contributing :clap:

I’ve pinged the team in charge of the Storagenode component when I saw your 2 pull requests and after a 3rd one, however, I wasn’t aware of this post until now.

I’m going to ping the team again to see if they can review it during this week and hopefully get it merged but I’m not sure if some of them are on PTO, which may do the process slower.

Because you are new on Github and before knowing about this post I thought that your PRs were spam, I’d like to say a few words that will help to show your future PRs more legit.

  • Don’t post the same changes on several PRs. I know that this time may have been due to being a newbie on Github :wink:
  • If you have opened several PRs with the same changes and you see them, close them leaving a comment that they were duplicated by mistake or whatever other reason, and link the PR in favor.
  • If you don’t know something or you need assistance, write it in the same PR; you did it here but there was no connection with them and I miss this post when I see them, so you could just link this post if you didn’t want to repeat yourself.

Again, thank you for your contribution and I hope that Storagenode team can review and merge your changes soon.


I realised it didn’t look legit :wink: … having never done it before I didn’t know what to write or how to phrase it. Linking back to here makes sense though!

I made the changes directly in the browser but couldn’t see how to make more than one edit/change per PR. Also I couldn’t find the CSS entries for #egress-tooltip-point to make the required changes for the graph ‘dot’.

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Oh, if you directly edited in Github, I totally understand ending up in that mess.
I think that feature is mostly for really straightforward and single file change, although I may be wrong because I’ve barely used it.

Let’s see if the Storagenode team realizes the minimal changes that the fix should require and they apply them if they cannot just use your PRs.

Thank you!

A way around it would be to just clone the repository to your own account, make all the changes there in browser and then create a pull request from your clone. Problem is that that still isn’t tested then. But the PR should go through unit testing automatically. I’m just not sure if that would contain enough tests for visual changes on the dashboards. Most likely it won’t.

So yeah, best to actually set up a dev environment and do it from there. But I can see why that would be a lot of effort for a minor change.

Every PR you create has its own branch. So you just need to go to your own repositories and find the correct branch with the PR. Then you can just continue to edit files in that branch and it’ll be part of the PR automatically.