Hedera - Alternative to Etherum Payouts


please look into Hedera
Read this to understand what’s different and what’s better

Also This Article

And check out the homepage: https://hedera.com/

I believe that this Hashgraph Technology is so much more beneficial than the blockchain technology.
Storj could and should adapt this (early)

Briefly: fastest Transactions and fixed minimal fees, while having negative emissions. It’s promising.


Hello @koopa

Storj will remain on Ethereum and continue to use the chain for payouts.
If you are looking for L1 alternatives, please consider zkSync Era.
It will be available soon and offer some advantages you may be searching for.


Did you read the part with “Cross-Chain Technology: Hedera and Ethereum”?
Also, did you read the comparision?
If you read it, you will realize something huge. All the layer alternatifs even the next layers are a joke compared to hashgraph.
But whatever, let’s see how it goes.

They respond to any and all calls to change how they pay this way. Dont expect anything different.

It because most people not understand how hard to change tokens to new one and also very expansive.


There is no benefits in jumping between solutions. Especially based on such a ridiculous articles. Etherium and zksync work just fine. There is no point in adopting emerging risky solutions when the existing ones work just fine. There is no problem to be solved.

Also, generally, FYI, if you haven’t noticed yet, if the headline is made in the form of a question, the answer is always “no”. Feel free to use this to save tons of time reading news. (Or stop reading crappy news outlet who do that)

Hedera vs Ethereum: Is It Time to Leave the Giant?

– No. Next!


Just for some context, some reasons mentioned to stick with Ethereum.

  • Large developer community
  • Proven technology
  • Large trust base
  • Switching is expensive and complicated
  • New less popular blockchains are often only cheaper because they are less popular and will run into similar problems when they become more popular
  • L2 solutions allow Ethereum to scale too

So why zkSync?

  • Doesn’t require trust in an additional side chain as it writes new states to Ethereum frequently and allows you to retrieve your tokens using Ethereum alone, even if zkSync suddenly disappears.
  • Allows Storj to pay out in batch

Actually i thought of it as an addition to the existing platform as an alternative just like zksync. Well, time will tell but according to you hedera is already dead :joy:

Hello @koopa,
Welcome to the forum!

it’s very likely. There are a lot of sidechains and mirrors like Polygon, but they are far away from adoption of Ethereum and zkRollups like zkSync (even Lite), if no talking about zkSync Era.

It could be a wallet feature, if they compatible with Ethereum and do not require participate in their market (make positions, buy something useless and so on). They should allow to transparently use Ethereum addresses to receive STORJ tokens, and of course should have STORJ tokens listed/registered/whatever.
It also should been a popular, otherwise it makes no sense - we dropped support of Polygon wallet feature a while ago exactly because it was not popular:


I am not the most skilled crypto user but as far as I can see storj isn’t available on zksync era’s web thing that you connect metamask to.

I think you need to sort that before making payments or users like me will be mystified.

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we are working on a solution to make it appear on zkSync Era. I hope the problem will be resolved soon.

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Yes, what @Alexey said. It is in process and we will announce in the forum when it is available.

Ok, look, apparently you really didn’t read and completely ignored the articles.

  • who cares about 0.02 watt hours vs 30 watt hours transaction
  • who cares about 3-5 seconds vs 15 minutes transaction finality
  • who cares about 10.000 Transactions per second vs 30 tps
  • who cares about fixed transaction fees of $0.0001
  • Many named big companies like Google, LG, IBM, Boeing, Dell, Ubisoft are instead caring and investing actively into Hedera, but we don’t ever care what they doing right

I trust you experts more, i mean its proven technology right, like it was from ground up, not like hedera, hedera didnt even start layering, i think they wont ever catch up.

thank you guys for closing no i mean opening my eyes.

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Yes, I did not, I did not go past the headline. The headline was enough, I don’t trust that outlet. But I did not need to read it. It makes no difference what the solution is, and that’s the point you are seemingly missing.

You are presenting a straw man argument here.

Nobody said that power efficient and cheap transactions are somehow bad or that nobody shall innovate in that space.

The argument here is storj is a storage provider company, not a crypto innovator or promoter. Storj is using crypto tokens to facilitate payments and manage capital. As such, it’s in the Storj’s best interest to use time proven, reliable, established solutions, with features they need. They’ve picked etherium.

It’s established, stable, and works. Switching to any other, let alone emerging, solution is taking unnecessary risk and distracting from their main mission. Storj is nowhere near size of Google, LG, IBM, (I don’t know why you stick Ubisoft in the list but whatever) and cannot throw massive resource investment on researching, designing, and implementing a solution for a non-existent problem, just for the heck of it. Literally, it would be investing for negative average return: best case – it works. Just like it already does with etherium. Worst case – it flops, or presents massive technical challenges, like literarily any technical stuff does.

So what’s the benefit for storj? None.

Also, marking your own snarky straw-man comment as solution is a bit disingenuous. You have been provided actual explanation in the comments above.


All true. But still when I lookup a transaction in Dogecoin the price is 0.0007 USD. And that’s despite the massive gain in usage and popularity that coin had received.
I did not follow it but I think transaction cost never went above the 1 cent target even when it spike thousands of percents in value.
Storj could have saved lots of money on development hours and on transaction costs and even on transaction costs for their node operators, if they would pay their node operators in Dogecoin. The only goal of Dogecoin was and probably still is to be a coin for payment not a get rich quick scheme and not some fancy smart contract chain. Just a means of payment. This is pretty much what Storj is trying with STORJ. With Dogecoins transaction cost of .0007 USD it meets that goal pretty damn well much better than tokens on ETH.

The other blockchain is not an option for many reasons, include legal ones. We does not have any plans to switch a blockchain. You cannot imagine how is it expensive regarding money, development time, legal registrations/regulations and transition issues.
We did it once and do not want to repeat this “great experience”.

We also do not want to spend time to explore bugs on alien/emerging blockchain and fix them. We have many tasks todo in our primary goal - a decentralized S3-compatible end-to-end encrypted cloud storage, not play with crypto.


And now we are having “great experiences” every month when it comes to payment.
A sad trade-off.

I am not promoting anything. I am just stating that solely for payment and payment cost reason the DOGE would have been the much much better choice to pay the node operators.

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For cost effective transfers we suggest to use zkSync. When our token contract will be registered on zkSync Era - it should be cost effective for Storage Node Operators too. And with extending adoption it is a scalable solution with fast transfers, batches and Ethereum-compatible EVM, so switching to zkSync Era for web3 Ethereum applications can be done without changing the code.