January 6, 2023, Ethereum Layer 1, zkSync, and Polygon payouts for the month of December are now complete

Hello! Payouts for the completed month of December are complete.

For layer 1 payments, we paid 2,677 unique wallet addresses. As before, there is no specific minimum payment threshold but it appears the pipeline was able to pay out for people who earned $5 or more.

For zkSync payments, we paid 1,815 unique wallet addresses. Everyone who opted into zkSync got a 10% bonus! One notable thing about zkSync happened this month - STORJ token Uniswap transaction volume dropped below zkSync’s automated minimum level for paying fees in STORJ token. They made an exception for us this week, but if STORJ token transaction volume stays below their threshold, STORJ token on zkSync may require fee payments in another token, such as wETH. See the currently supported list on Explore zkSync L2 Blockchain | zkSync Block Explorer.

Copied from last month: zkSync 2.0 is on mainnet but in alpha and closed to users. Launching brand new distributed systems is hard work! We’re continuing to patiently and excitedly wait for Matter Labs’ efforts here. If you missed last month, we are excited about zkSync 2.0 and intend to migrate once it makes sense to do so.

For Polygon payments, we paid 35 unique wallet addresses. We are intending to drop Polygon support once zkSync 2.0 support lands, considering zkSync 2.0 resolves the main issue with zkSync 1.0 that led to us exploring Polygon: registration fees.

Across all layers, we paid 4,506 unique addresses. As always, if you have more questions, please make sure you’ve read through our mega FAQ .

The policies put in place regarding bonuses for nodes operated in Ukraine are still in place.


Hi and thanks for all, but you don’t write that the next month the zksync users get a 10% of bonus. It’s confirmed the bonus? Thanks

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How does that impact SNOs if payment fees need to switch to another currency?
Is it when withdrawing Storj tokens from zkSync?

I had problem with zksynk withdraw. ZKsynk Explorer showed that all is ok, but on L1 was no money, with great help of Zksynk support in discord problem was resolved.
it is just a mention to people that sometimes error in system on transactions L2 to L1 happens, dont panic write to ZK support they will help.


Any transaction on L2…

So transfer from one L2 address to another…

Exchange via ZigZag (other systems are available)

Or as you said L2 to L1…

… If you have no other tokens on L2, then probably worth exchanging a few $ of Storj token to ETH or another higher volume token, to pay for Transactions in future…

Alternatively, you could fund the L2 wallet with ETH from L1 - however the gas fee is much more than L2 exchange.

@CutieePie Thx. Well then, I’m not sure I want to keep using zkSync :confused:

I would say not being able to pay with STORJ is a much bigger issue than the one time registration fee. I chose to withdraw to L1 now to prevent having large amounts stuck in L2 should this option disappear. Having to transfer ETH then deposit to L2 in addition to paying for withdrawal would triple transaction costs. So I really hope this can be prevented somehow.


I think polygon is still the better solution then zksync ever is, But obviously L1 is still the better option either way, Getting rid of polygon is not the way to go because zksync is the worst to use its just not user friendly as polygon is. You can send on polygon for 1cent and swap for 1cent fees its a no brainer for anyone that doesnt wanna loose money.

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From history of my zksync token swaps I see, that commission is really low, I found maximum 0,1 storj. It is only matter of convenience for me, but I can swap more storj once and leave it for the future fees on zksync.

Sure, but this would also require ETH if you can’t pay for fees with STORJ. So it’s not exactly an alternative to getting ETH from L1.

I am having the same question. Will there be the 10% for the next month?

Most likely there will be since there was no announcement to the contrary.


@jtolio when you will make announcement about February payout can you write the token price that was taken into account in time of payment, that we can somehow control out payment.
For example I have 72 nodes and it come in one amount, it very hard to estimate that all was paid as expected. But if there is base toke price that was used them it is much easier.


Oof, let me think about that one.

Unfortunately, it’s not so easy. We update the price every 5 seconds during payments across transfers, so there isn’t a single price for me to tell you.

I understand that there’s value of knowing what the spot price was for your specific transaction. Let me think about how to best get you that data (maybe it’s in the SNO dashboard?) Is there a standard way to add comments to Ethereum transactions?

It would be nice to know. It’s the only way to figure out how much you get paid

why you not transacting in batch over zksync walet? then it is all at onece?

we submit enough transactions to zksync that we submit many batches. each batch gets its own prices

Dashboard would definitely be the best place if you ask me. I’ve wanted this info for a long time as it’s the only thing missing to do an end to end double check.

I’d also gladly use it in my earnings calculator.


@jtolio Could you please share information about January payout?