Help with monitoring storj node

Hi all!

I am trying to monitor my node on windows.
I have:
Node fully running
Installed grafana
Got prometheus

Also i have docker but i can’t manage to understand how to work with it!

But since i understand ZERO of coding / commands and since it is a little confusing for me, it is difficult to install the monitoring with prometheus and / or grafana and / or storj prometheus exporter.

Does anyone want to help me create a monitoring tool of my node?!

I just need the correct steps so i can try work it out… even on docker.

Many thanks for your time!

One of the monitoring tools used by many SNOs is

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Hi @nerdatwork thanks for your answer.

I was thinking in more advanced stats than on the dashboard of the node, with the mencioned apps or others =)

Many thanks.

There are plenty of monitoring tools:

I think this one should help: Prometheus Storj-Exporter

Thank you for pointing it out although i was asking a more simple tutorial for it as i am not techy and i use windows. =) Bu again, thank you for the reply =)