How do I get the browser URL of a file of which I know the bucket address of via CLI?

And is this the correct category for Tardigrade user questions?

Welcome to the forum @folaht!

Even if it is not the right category, someone from support or other regulars can categorize it properly. You can ask away your questions.

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Thank you!
I could have been at the wrong forum for all I know.
After all, it’s the storj forum, not the tardigrade forum.

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You can use the command uplink share --url for the known path, i.e.

uplink share --url sj://mybucket/mysite/wondeful.png

You also can configure it as a static web-site with your own custom domain:

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I see.
I am beginning to understand that the seemingly randomly generated URL is not so random after all and will not be changed after resharing.

Yes, it’s not random, it includes macaroons:

You can change it for the same object, if you would use a different base access grant from the satellite UI or change some permissions, for example - time-based like --not-after or/and --not-before in the uplink share command.